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Italy International
Design Award 2021
Sino Italian International
Design Exchange Exhibition

Sino Italian
Design Award 2021


2020 is not only the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy, but also the year when China's "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" ends. The two sides expressed their willingness to continue the momentum of regular high-level exchanges of visits and jointly plan for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 2020. China and Italy believe that cooperation in the field of cultural and creative industries has broad prospects and are willing to further enhance the level of cooperation through the China-Italy cultural cooperation mechanism.


IIDA Award Category 1
Professional Award
A. Interior space design
-- mainly for interior designers and design agencies
  • Design of hotel club space
  • Design of catering space
  • Design of cultural office space
  • Design of leisure and entertainment space
  • Design of commercial display space
  • Design of real estate sales space
  • Model room space design
  • Villa mansion space design
  • Home residential space design
  • Design of soft display
  • Design of B & B space
Landscape architecture design
-- mainly for architectural designers and design agencies
  • Architecture design
  • Landscape design
C. Home product design
-- mainly for home product designers and design agencies
  • Furniture design
  • Lighting design
  • Home accessories design
IIDA Award Category 2
Character Award
1. Top 10 internationally renowned designers of the year's TOP10
2. 50 TOP50 Most Influential International Innovative Designers of the Year
IIDA Award Category 3
Agency Award
10 Top10 Most Influential International Design Agency Awards
Various award are determined based on the final judging results.

Best Work

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The 2021 China-Italy International Design Exchange Exhibition and the Italian "IIDA AWARD" International Design Awards Awards Ceremony are planned to be held on June 2021 in Milan, Italy. (The specific time and place are to be determined.) The winners will be announced by the comprehensive evaluation of the Italian international judging panel and the final results will be announced. The Italian "IIDA AWARD" international design judging panel and special guests will issue certificates and trophies for the winning designers.


IIDA Award Category 1
All applicants for award selection must carefully fill in the application form for the first 2021 China-Italy International Design Exchange Exhibition and the Italian "IIDA AWARD" International Design Award (for details, please refer to Annex I), and prepare the works for evaluation. Entries are submitted by the China-Italy International Design Exchange Exhibition Organizing Committee to the Italian International Jury for the application form and the relevant descriptions of the participating design works in Chinese and English (maximum 1000 words). After receiving the application, preliminary evaluation results of international judges will be given within working days. .
Note: The application form and related works must be written in Chinese and English.
IIDA Award Category 2
After submitting the application materials, all the participants will pay the registration fee of 130€ (the VIP member of China International Interior Design Network is exempted from paying the registration fee). After the work has passed the preliminary review, the organizing committee will issue a finalist notice, and the participants will receive, then the remaining balance shall be paid within 3 working days after the finalist notification. If the work passes the preliminary review and does not participate in the final evaluation of the award due to personal reasons, the registration fee will not be refunded. If the work fails the preliminary review by the jury, the registration fee will be refunded in full.


Activity Time

In September, 2021


Milan, Italy

Event Sponsor

China-Italy International Design Exchange Exhibition Organizing Committee
China International Interior Design Network

Event co-organizer

China culture center, Milan, Italy
China Europe International design Association

Academic Support

Polytechnic University of Milan,Italy
School of fashion design, New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy
Palermo Academy of Fine Arts

Media Support

Sina, Sohu, Netease, People's Daily, China.com, Phoenix.com and nearly 100 Chinese and Italian media

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