IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Design of Real Estate Sale

Sale Center of Dahua Jin Xiu Hua Cheng – by Shanghai Yi Fang Architectural Design Engineering Co., Ltd.


Da Li Man Jiang . Sale Center of DahuaJin Xiu Hua Cheng

Project area: 1218㎡
Project address: Dali City Yunnan Province

The project is located in a superior geographical location, directly opposite the erhai Lake.The sale center is designed from large model space and small model space to negotiation space, in a hierarchical and progressive manner, with water as the main element to link each functional space. Simple materials such as local traditional tie-dye and wood carving are quoted on the material, combined with decorative materials with delicate texture such as marble, metal and glass. The open and bright modern style interprets the sales space with a little zen and a casual atmosphere of vacation.

Shanghai Yi Fang Architectural Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

PR & A (Progetti Associati)was founded by Arch. Giuliano Cappelletti on 1983 in Milano Italy, has dedicated its efforts to interior architecture and landscape design since the beginning.
Shanghai Yi Fang Architectural Design Engineering Co., Ltd., as the domestic partner of PR&A, was formally established in Shanghai in 2008 to expand pro-jects in China, integrating Italian design and Chinese cultural characteristics, providing customers with world-class service.
Multicultural Team of Designers dedicated to forming the ultimate living environment, to making the best use of space and to forging beautiful timeless design. With the spirit of Italian ingenuity, focusing on excellent, professional and creative design, which is derived from life but higher than the life, to create every unite project.

PR&A adheres to the philosophy: International & Regional, Ecological, Artistic & Unique.
International & Regional: design according to local conditions, combining international design concept with regional culture;
Ecological: health, comfort and sustainability are the constant pursuit of PR & A
Artistic & Unique: the unique art space will be designed by senior designer based on the actual needs of the client and the characteristics of the project.
PR&A's projects are distributed all over the country and have been widely recognized by customers. It has established strategic cooperation and good cooperative relations with well-known enterprises such as IHG, Greenland Hong Kong, Dahua Group, China Railway real estate, Yuexing Group and Nanyang real estate. Service scopes include: hotel design, clubhouse, private house, sales office and model room interior design, interior art furnishings design and procurement services.

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