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Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- SILVER 

Design Residential

Bright and Beautiful – by Zhaoyong ZHANG


Enjoying happiness at home is the ultimate goal of all ambition.
——Sai Johnson This is a 400 square meter light luxury flat rise house built by the Singapore Zhuwei space design team. The owner and his family live together in it. This explains the use needs of three generations and the most romantic and direct imagination of the house owners for quality life


Push the door, warm and soft, delicate and elegant, are just right; a huge blue and gold abstract painting makes the vision full of flow dynamic vector. Behind the screen are hidden secondary bedrooms and laundry rooms. In order to protect the privacy of living area and take into account the practical and aesthetic functions, the designer uses invisible doors to decorate them, forming a whole and connecting the field.
From "home ownership" to "home ownership", the designer divides the whole space into dynamic and static areas, with bedroom suite on the left and living room, dining room and tea room on the right. In the moment when guests or family members enjoy the gathering, they do not disturb the privacy and quiet of other family members, and truly do not disturb each other when they meet and rest. Integrating modern aesthetics, reasonable layout, dynamic and static partition in the traditional residential concept, enjoying the privacy of life is the designer's thinking of the residents.
In the planning of this case, the living room and dining room are connected to form a horizontal hall with a super large vision. The broad and broad scale, the delicate and harmonious colors, and the smooth lines combine to compose the definition of modern fashion lifestyle. Combining with the floor to ceiling windows which are several meters long, the abundant sunlight is introduced into the indoor comfortable nature. It is like opening the window and looking out of the window to put in its poetry and distance, to feel the light and wind, the morning and the dusk, the spring sunset, the romantic atmosphere of summer, the simple color of autumn, and the calm and quiet atmosphere of winter. The designer created a bigger house through the internal and external linkage Artistic conception, to extend a broader home to enjoy.
"Kitchen staple food" also means that people who love the kitchen love life more. The aroma of food is more smoke than dream. The 36 square meter round kitchen and cabinet of this case are undoubtedly the most eye-catching highlights of the whole space. Everything about cooking is carried out with ease around the central platform to satisfy the host to enjoy different dining scenes freely. I'm used to the square kitchen. Here, from breakfast bar to console, from bar From counter to built-in refrigerator, it gives people a mellow and atmospheric visual feeling. The whole design is almost free of edges and corners, which can avoid the daily bumps of the elderly and children in the family. At the same time, it also has a very beautiful message: "round", which is not only a mellow and transparent attitude towards life, but also a good fortune that the flowers have bloomed for a full month!
The dining room continues the conciseness and freshness of the living room, matches with the dining chairs and exquisite tableware of the same color, and depicts a quiet neutral color base. During the dining, firewood, rice, oil and salt are the host's expectation for happiness in daily life. Three Nordic creative small chandeliers are scattered and cleverly combined, which not only exudes a high-level sense of brass, but also adds a warm yellow light to the meal. There are not too many decorative stacks in the design, and the open pattern increases the brightness of the existing space, forms a full light change by taking in the sunshine, and creates a simple and warm dining atmosphere as a whole. Round table dining has always been the Chinese people's favorite tradition. Imagine that the owner of the house will sit around the whole family, old and young, and enjoy the good time of family together in small talk. How nice it is to be warm and plain.
If we say that guest restaurants and kitchen areas are specially designed for liveliness, they are specially made for solitude and peace from the leisure area. As a transition between activity and stillness, the leisure area is small and exquisite, which can be used for reading books and watching movies. The large bookshelf on the whole wall provides rich storage and display functions. The fabric sofa and soft fabric are full of ironing and intimacy. The black art lamp is the implicit expression of personality. Designers will light luxury metropolis wind here into a rational and moderate space vocabulary, interpretation of the modern spire people's lifestyle.
The poetic flavor of the teahouse comes from the beauty of its deep tranquility, "the low paper slants to make grass, and the fine milk in the clear window divides the tea", which is probably enough to calm down all the impetuousness. The designer pursues peace and relaxation in the construction of the tea room environment, uses the wood elements to surround the quiet and elegant life details, and intentionally retains the wood color charm with a touch of gentle and simple. A corner of tea room, a corner of Zen, a mood of filtration and evolution.
It is said that people spend 24 years and 4 months in bed, equivalent to one third of the time in the bedroom, so the design of the bedroom is particularly important. The master bedroom suite in this case can be said to interpret the real luxury doctrine. The designer uses soft wood tone and champagne color to cover the sleeping and storage requirements comfortably, reduce the redundant compartments and cabinets, and let the abundant skylight outside the window enter the room, showing a very rich morning and dusk landscape, becoming an indispensable part of life. The separation of the toilet area and the bath area makes it more private and gives the host a stronger sense of comfort and security. As well as the parents' room is calm and introverted, not decorated with carving, the abstract and freehand decorative hanging paintings add vivid interest, the moving line planning is simple and smooth, which is convenient for the elderly to sit, lie and walk. The low-key warm light and friendly soft decoration are all striving to create a soothing and quiet, safe and pressure-free good sleeping atmosphere. The perfection of every detail comes from the designer and the owner's pursuit of the quality of life to tend to resonance.
"Life is just to stay at home, go out and go back home. All our emotional, intellectual and will pursuits are just to find a place to settle down in this vast world." The elegance and comfort of space is the ultimate embodiment of the return of design to its essence. When we talk about the ideal appearance of home, what we are talking about is: this home should conform to the living habits and ways of the host, and make life better!

Designer : Zhang Zhaoyong

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