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Professionnal Award 

Commercial Exhibition Design

Moroso Flagship Store – IIDA Award 2020


Damu Designworks aspires to create a fashionable, artistic and elegant lifestyle in a realistic home environment that showcases the superior craftsmanship of Italian furniture in Xi’an: the Moroso Flagship Showroom.


In terms of functionality, the showroom considers the need for frequent adjustments and thus provides flexible and variable space separation. Precise planning of circulation routes avoids any interference with emergency passages. Regarding style, a modern simplicity approach shows resolute character and unrestricted disposition that abandon pretentious furnishings in favor of the visual impact achieved by strong blocks of color.
The designer adopts an organic combination of colors in different areas that function as background tones in contrast with the pieces of furniture. This creates a fashionable and vibrant spatial experience that highlights the display effect of the products.

Damu ‧ Designworks

As a leader in the soft decoration design industry, has been a highly trusted and recognized business partner of customers. With a top-level interior design background, insisting on producing only "works" with international standards, focusing on design details, and trying to achieve the maximum restoration of the design intent of the finished product. Through the integration of business thinking, aesthetic value and technical realization, the use of design to promote the maximum value of the project, the use of creativity to achieve in-depth communication between the brand and the user, to convey the characteristics of the project, to create infectious and influential design scene experience. From the beginning of the project to the complete presentation of the final design, Lu Mu has always been committed to providing a more comprehensive and detailed customized service, complementing the interior design, and achieving a complete and harmonious space design.
Damu ‧ Designworks has a unique vision and is committed to inspiring people's longing for a better life, and let spirit and material go together. We use life art and design dialogue, attentively discover the customer's lifestyle and aesthetic needs, explore and create in the collision of ideas, and make pure and far-reaching design. We will have the advantages of furniture, aesthetics and good living resources throughout the entire process of design services. With global supply channels and cost-effective product selection, we provide hotel, real estate and private home owners with better quality soft design and Floor solution. On the premise of satisfying the design effect, to achieve more precise cost control and more efficient communication, significantly improve the brand experience and design quality, create a special "design service consumption value", and "Damu temperament" can not be copied.

Professionnal Award 

Villa mansion Design

Shanghai eco Livable City Pavilion- IIDA Award 2020


Project Name: Shanghai eco Livable City Pavilion
Main case designer: Yang Wen

Yang Wen

CEO Founder of Beijing Yangwen Design Office
Beijing jinbaishuiqing Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd Chief executive officer
Beijing Yangwen Design Office founder
International Association for architectural decoration and design, senior interior designer
International Association for architectural decoration and design, senior environmental art designer
National first class registered constructor Member of IFDA Design Association

Member of CIID Interior Design Association
Asia Pacific Hotel Design Alliance
Expert and consultant of ICCed elite Designer Club
15 years of experience in:
Central Academy of Fine Arts
Milan (SPD) Industrial Design Institute (Master course)
Person of the year of wad world young designers Conference
Professional design leader in 2019 (CBDA)
China design youth leader in 2018 (CBDA)
Gold Award of China design Golden Eagle Award in 2018
China Japan International Design and culture exchange exhibition and IDPA China Japan international pioneer design award
China Japan international design culture exchange ambassador in 2018
Top 100 international influential Designer Award in 2018
Professional Award - cultural office space - international pioneer design award
"Gpdp Award" international design award 2017
Top 100 most internationally influential innovative designer of the year
Outstanding young designers of 2016 China Interior Design Association
First prize of scheme group of 2014 Beijing Design Exhibition
Top ten outstanding designers of 2013 national most influential villa design competition
Silver Award of soft decoration scheme in 2010 Asia Pacific Interior Design Competition
Excellent works award in 2008 National Club and hotel design competition

Professionnal Award 

Villa mansion Design

Phoenix and Rhyme – IIDA Award 2020


Project Name: Washington Family 560 square meters (Phoenix and rhyme)
Main case designer: Wang Jun

horizontal line upholster furniture design firm founder specializes in model rooms, residential, grassland folk catering hotel, residential and other features design. Design description: here placed a turbulent years, the window has a bunch of warm sunshine through, just hit the coffee table, half a day of leisure, can be worth ten years of dust dream moist texture, low color degree of exquisite, transform life form and aesthetic consciousness into a kind of silent design language. Large but not empty, thick but not heavy, light touch, a few strokes embellishment, painting, scenery, is a little expression of, Zen, a calm, a quiet, highlighting the world this quite zen house. Warm, delicate, full of just like the general atmosphere of the jade childe porch will be light and the overall atmosphere, and with adhering to the Chinese heritage, furniture furnishings. Bring people, and give space unique artistic conception. Teahouse display cabinet expressed, harmonious, perfect meaning, and will draw a corner of the distant landscape to create a spring garden, green and dripping artistic conception. Restaurant ● the warm light reflects the beautiful branches and leaves, the design of plain natural vocabulary interpretation of simple without affectation, elegant and beautiful picture. When the occupant returns home, it's all quiet and full of longing. Afternoon, the sun into the house, drink alone or drink, drink is a quiet time here is their own corner of the space, sitting alone in front of the window to watch the changes in the four seasons, busy; or make a pot of tea, listen to music, read a favorite book, be alone with yourself.

Wang Jun

Agency Award 

Home residential Design

A6 Hotel – IIDA Award 2020


Project Name: A6 Hotle

Project location: Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Spatial Attributes: The Inn Boutique
Creative Design: Sun Jialiang

The A6 boutique Inn of the ancient city of Dayong is located in the west of the residential area of Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, covering an area of 870 square meters and a building area of 1560 square meters. It is a high-end experience inn.


Based on the relationship between heaven, earth and man in Zhangjiajie, the designer divides the vertical direction of the building into three parts:
Day: Chinese people have been full of reverence and yearning for the sky since ancient times. Most buildings are open to the sky in the form of courtyards. Therefore, the upper part of A6 is designed as a single building settlement relying on the platform, and the dark gray sloping roof complements the ancient city.
Land: the relationship between Zhangjiajie architecture and land can draw on the unique form of stilts. Therefore, the structural features and materials of the former are abstracted in the middle of A6, which pays homage to the local cultural tradition, and creates a different living experience through the linear private courtyard camp.
Person: in the ancient city, A6 is at the junction of the residential area and Anlu, and it is also an important node of the tourist line. Therefore, the bottom of A6 is overhead, providing places for tourists to stay and rest, and also expressing the interaction between the ancient city and people, buildings and people.
As a modern building in the ancient city, the design hopes that A6 Inn can not only integrate in the form of the historical atmosphere created by the traditional building tile roof and green brick wall, but also innovate in the living experience to supplement the rich living needs of tourists.

Interior space design description Redundant modeling and decoration are easy to bring a sense of chaos to the space, and the layout loses the simple and flexible meaning, which will cause a sense of depression to the vision. The significance of blank space is to easily transfer people's vision to the elements surrounded by blank space. The design needs to be blank, and the space is also wide. So as to highlight the aesthetic value of the whole space.
The log shows the natural texture and texture, combined with the simple warm color, and emphasizes the comfortable feeling in the large-scale exhibition. And its perfect match is to leave blank.
Log + blank, in the square inch between the heaven and earth.

Sun Jialiang

Master of Tsinghua University
Postgraduate Tutor of Art College of Capital Normal University
Deputy director of Urban Space Design Institute, Academy of fine arts, Tsinghua University
Senior interior architect of China Architecture Association
Senior interior designer of China interior design and Decoration Association
2007 Sino Korea International Exchange Design Award
Top ten new designers of China in 2008
Outstanding graduation award of Academy of fine arts, Tsinghua University, 2010
First Prize of the 6th China International Design Art Scheme in 2011

First Prize of 2014 China International Design Art Expo Design Grand Prix
First Prize of 2016 China International Design Art Expo Design Grand Prix
Gold Medal of the Design Award of "Amazing Designer Cup" in 2018
2018 Asia Pacific Space Design Annual Selection "Master of Space Art" Gold Award
Designer of Phoenix TV in 2018
2019 Beijing Satellite TV's Warm New Home
2019 Oriental Satellite TV "Very Dreamer"
Top 10 of "APDP AWARD" in 2019

Agency Award 

Decoration Display Design

Chongqing Yongchuan Rose International Sales Center – IIDA Award 2020


The overall tonal space of dark gray gives people a mature and stable feeling, bright space is divided in visual field focal place photograph is in harmony an organic whole. Point line plane layer by layer, paint color gradient precipitation.


43 floor sitting room, the collision echo of sofa cloth art, leather qualitative material is tonal, already opposite and unified. Combination form tea table makes the space more clever and changeable between the square and circle, the sculpture work of the ornament artist Xu Feng on tea table "watchman", broke the trimly depressing feeling below brunet, make whole sitting room alive more. In capacious dining-room space, elegant Ariston mesa table with dark green dining chair is simple but elegant and vitality fuse, brunet and light color collide, which can make style more reveal. Chrome candlesticks with transparent glass container for flowers add one minute bright with flicker in the space. The guest room that has a screen color of the bed with dark red, and matches with the photographic work of cameraman Jin Xuanmin "black and white is tonal" regard as adornment art, create an atmosphere valued by the host. Living room harmonizes the principle of Tai Ji with Yin and Yang, the symmetry of colour and opposite get unified in dimensional core, the household with downy line lets host be in here more illicit illicit is loosened. The cloakroom with large floor mirror which is the dream of every woman is wonderful, they can enjoy it freely in it. The furniture that gives priority to tone of shallow wood color and orange white hangs a picture to let the bedroom and the space outside pull open a distance, all show vigorous vitality.


Founder of WENHUA International Consulants Limited.
Executive deputy secretary general of Shenzhen display art association
Member of Preparatory Committee of Youth Designer Committee-Shenzhen Institute of Interior Design
Hurun Shan The most popular Chinese designer of the After-80s generation
Guanghua Longteng Award 2018•Ten Outstanding Youth Nominations for China's Decoration and Design Industry
Huading Award 2019 •2018-2019 The Outstanding Young Designer of interior design in China
contemporary living in Involuntary Nature
coupling of sense deign and reason cognition
combining comfort with Aesthetic.

Agency Award 

Home residential Design

Shanghai Zhuyi Hotel – IIDA Award 2020ii – IIDA Award 2020


It's about an hour to drive to the hotel in this case from the downtown area of the steel jungle. In the pleasant conversation between the car and the family, the scenery outside the window has also changed from the traffic to the blue sky and green, and the mood has gradually subsided and emptied. From the perspective of behavioral psychology, people can put more emotion and imagination on the white wall and feel more abundant virtual environment effect instead of excessive gorgeous decoration and returning to plain white space.

The design of plain white space is mainly composed of simple building materials such as mortar, artificial marble, wood, white paint, etc. the color system is mainly composed of three series of skills of light gray, wood grain and pure white. The tiles and wooden beams retained in the renovation of the old building are used as decoration materials in the public area again, and the design style has texture and more affinity.
In the overall configuration of the building, there are two old apartments connected by three floors, which are reconstructed, and public stairs are sandwiched between the two buildings. After entering the main building, first check in at the front desk, then bypass the bar and restaurant, and go to the guest room area through the garden path. There are 17 guest rooms in total, which are divided into 8 types of room configuration, each with rich space characteristics. The first floor makes full use of the base conditions to plan day style garden houses, and the private space with its own garden can enjoy the outdoor natural landscape more comfortably. After going upstairs through the public stairs, the second floor is equipped with large windows and windowsills, which set off the rural scenery outside the window and the indoor harmony like a picture frame. Sitting on the windowsill about 1 meter wide, I drink tea and watch the scenery outside the window. The third floor is a mezzanine type of loft, and the setting of slides in the room meets the dynamic characteristics of children; in the evening, sitting quietly with lovers on the loft platform, overlooking the beautiful sunset, is another kind of interest.

Sarch design

Sustainable architecture / Sarch design consulting is a design company dedicated to the sustainable development of architecture. It is good at dealing with the coherence between architecture and interior space. Good at planning and design of commercial space, as our extension service, close cooperation of engineering construction and overseas investment management team, let our design vision have more yuan breadth, and with the University's production and learning cooperation mode, increased the depth of design thinking. The team members include the integration of multi-cultural backgrounds such as Japan, Taiwan and the mainland, and the working belief of health, spontaneity, pleasure and growth. We will provide you with more innovative and intimate services!
The business scope of the company is architectural design, interior design, soft decoration design and procurement. The works include hotels, clubs, sales offices and model rooms. In recent years, we have also strengthened the design of catering space. With the advantages of Japanese design and localization, our works have won the design awards and media reports at home and abroad. We are confident that we can provide the best service for your company!

Professional Award  

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-- Design of Commercial Exhibition

Moran Hot Pot 130m2

Moran is the name of this restaurant’s name, the name of the symbol in Chinese history, the Traditional Chinese landscape image. At beginning, to bring the similar words image into design is what user expected on this case. Therefore, the project is created with same expectation.
“Mo” in Mandarin means ink, in traditional Chinese way of drawing, ink can be used to describe many conceptions. Based on the pronunciation, “Ran” is the meaning of Natural, getting to the earth, be friend of earth, are what the user’s target while given this name. Green, natural and traditional Chinese style are the main subject of this design.

At front door, there is a gray stone wall before entrance with Moran Chinese letters image circled by the green grass as based. To used the nature materials to point out the Logo and combine with the shop image. After entry, the reception on the right hand side is built with black marble stone and Natural oak wall. Starting with these two items brings whole Chinese style painting image into whole space. Each tables are isolated by the Chinese style’s screen partition but still keep as part of the open area. The Calligraphy style wall paper is used on the side wall and gray brick wall on the kitchen side’s wall to Beijing, China.
In Asia, hot-pot restaurant are very often to find in each area, This projects shows the differences on the subjects of the combination in the Chinese style and Nature, ink wall paper, grass, oak, stone and others materials. On the other word, this spatial image will attract and share the confidence for those who enter this space as the user’s expectation 0n shop’s name, Moran.

Song Hanlin

Yann Lin Interior Desing

Master of interior design, University of science and technology of China

現任 : 桃園市室內設計裝修商業同業公會 理事長
台灣室內設計裝修商業同業公會全國聯合會 監事
桃園地方法院裝業調解委員會 委員
彥霖室內設計裝修工程有限公司 總監
瀚美建設開發有限公司 總經理 亞太T’DesignAward室內設計大賽 主席
學-講師專業技術人員 審查委員 實踐大學推廣教育部室內設計系 講師
中國科技大學室內設計系 講師
萬能科技大學營建系 講師

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