IIDA Italy International Design Award

Professionnal Award 

Villa mansion Design

Shanghai eco Livable City Pavilion- IIDA Award 2020


Project Name: Shanghai eco Livable City Pavilion
Main case designer: Yang Wen

Yang Wen

CEO Founder of Beijing Yangwen Design Office
Beijing jinbaishuiqing Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd Chief executive officer
Beijing Yangwen Design Office founder
International Association for architectural decoration and design, senior interior designer
International Association for architectural decoration and design, senior environmental art designer
National first class registered constructor Member of IFDA Design Association

Member of CIID Interior Design Association
Asia Pacific Hotel Design Alliance
Expert and consultant of ICCed elite Designer Club
15 years of experience in:
Central Academy of Fine Arts
Milan (SPD) Industrial Design Institute (Master course)
Person of the year of wad world young designers Conference
Professional design leader in 2019 (CBDA)
China design youth leader in 2018 (CBDA)
Gold Award of China design Golden Eagle Award in 2018
China Japan International Design and culture exchange exhibition and IDPA China Japan international pioneer design award
China Japan international design culture exchange ambassador in 2018
Top 100 international influential Designer Award in 2018
Professional Award - cultural office space - international pioneer design award
"Gpdp Award" international design award 2017
Top 100 most internationally influential innovative designer of the year
Outstanding young designers of 2016 China Interior Design Association
First prize of scheme group of 2014 Beijing Design Exhibition
Top ten outstanding designers of 2013 national most influential villa design competition
Silver Award of soft decoration scheme in 2010 Asia Pacific Interior Design Competition
Excellent works award in 2008 National Club and hotel design competition