IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professionnal Award 

Villa mansion Design

Phoenix and Rhyme – IIDA Award 2020


Project Name: Washington Family 560 square meters (Phoenix and rhyme)
Main case designer: Wang Jun

horizontal line upholster furniture design firm founder specializes in model rooms, residential, grassland folk catering hotel, residential and other features design. Design description: here placed a turbulent years, the window has a bunch of warm sunshine through, just hit the coffee table, half a day of leisure, can be worth ten years of dust dream moist texture, low color degree of exquisite, transform life form and aesthetic consciousness into a kind of silent design language. Large but not empty, thick but not heavy, light touch, a few strokes embellishment, painting, scenery, is a little expression of, Zen, a calm, a quiet, highlighting the world this quite zen house. Warm, delicate, full of just like the general atmosphere of the jade childe porch will be light and the overall atmosphere, and with adhering to the Chinese heritage, furniture furnishings. Bring people, and give space unique artistic conception. Teahouse display cabinet expressed, harmonious, perfect meaning, and will draw a corner of the distant landscape to create a spring garden, green and dripping artistic conception. Restaurant ● the warm light reflects the beautiful branches and leaves, the design of plain natural vocabulary interpretation of simple without affectation, elegant and beautiful picture. When the occupant returns home, it's all quiet and full of longing. Afternoon, the sun into the house, drink alone or drink, drink is a quiet time here is their own corner of the space, sitting alone in front of the window to watch the changes in the four seasons, busy; or make a pot of tea, listen to music, read a favorite book, be alone with yourself.

Wang Jun

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