IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Waiting series (product design)Contrast Sofa, OO Arm Chair, Rushui table

Professional Award  ,

Waiting series (product design)Contrast Sofa, OO Arm Chair, Rushui table


Just like the definition of the word "Contrast", this guy is a "contradictory body" that combines contrasts, "solidity and lightness", "cold metal and warm fluff", "modern posture, traditional cultural symbols". Contrast sofa adopts a complete all-inclusive fabric design, using modern methods of metal connection, and incorporates the traditional Chinese cultural symbol "Auspicious Cloud Pattern." The arc-shaped armrests will prop up your arms to the "cloud", making sitting feel comfortable and interesting. "What Xiangyun refers to is caused by blessing." Surrounded by good luck in softness. The simple tubular metal legs, the curved soft backrest wrapped in environmentally friendly leather, and the cross-gradient color routing all explain that OO is a modern armchair with fashionable elements. But its design inspiration comes from the classic Chinese-style furniture in our country, a " armchair". OO retained the original structure of Chinese round chairs, above is round below is square, round is harmonious square is steady. In addition, the positional relationship between the armrest and the leg, the coherent way of the loop back and the armrest, etc. all retain the soul of the structure of the armchair. The thickened soft seat cushion increases the comfort of sitting. The height of the loop back is moderate to support the waist, and it presents a new seat image with modern materials and craftsmanship. Rushui is a set of coffee table combination. The design inspiration comes from "the wine glass floats on the running water, people sit by the water, drink a glass of wine and chant a poem and talk about their feelings". The Ruyi base, which symbolizes smooth and auspicious shapes, holds up the glass countertop like a water wave, and ripples on the ground under the shining of different light. We hope that through the integration of "qushui" and "ruyi" elements, users can also be placed in the elegant realm of ancient cultural people.

Design by Jessy Liu

觉佳室内艺术设计创始人/设计总监 中国传媒大学 MBA 米兰理工大学环境艺术硕士 高级室内建筑师 高级陈设艺术设计师 中国建筑协会室内设计分会会员 所获奖项: 第三届中国建筑装饰设计奖(CBDA)“优秀作品”奖 第三届中国建筑装饰“最具创新设计师”奖 第七届“筑巢奖”展陈空间“优秀作品”奖 第十一届中国建筑装饰及设计艺术博览会 “中国室内设计50强杰出青年”奖 第三届中国设计年度人物“年度杰出设计师” 2019瑞丽轻奢生活优秀设计奖 2019《瑞丽家居》专访 央视2套《交换空间》特邀设计师 2018河北卫视《悦空间》专访 摩登上海时尚家居展论坛演讲特邀嘉宾 上海国际酒店及商业空间博览会特邀演讲嘉宾 2020《the one》专访&美物推荐 第四十三届国际名家具(东莞)展览会原创家具展出 第四届设计中国北京原创家具展出

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