IIDA Italy International Design Award


Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Package Design


. This is a children’s soothing repair cream packaging full of playfulness. The design of its appearance is inspired by the molecular structure of cyanobacteria, and the design language is based on the planet and clouds. The whole is a rounded spherical body, simple and exquisite. The cloud shape in the top cover, with a smooth and continuous arc, playful and vivid, like floating in the air, reflecting the dynamic beauty of the cloud, full of childlike interest, can attract children’s attention, help he/she develop a good habit of independent skin care. Meanwhile, freeing the mother’s hands to devote more time and energy to herself.
The cloud in the transparent cover is added with color-changing mica, which has a smart light change reminder function to sense the temperature and humidity of surrounding environment, that is, when the environment becomes dry and cold, the clouds will turn blue, reminding the child to apply the repair cream in time. The child can also adjust the application frequency and dosage according to the shade of blue, protecting the child’s skin and helping he/she develop a good habit of independent skin care since childhood.

. The overall size of this repair cream is in line with the size and structure of children’s hands, ensuring that the overall shape is more suitable for children’s fingers, effortless to hold. And it also takes into account the convenience of children’s travel. The packaging is round, without sharp edges or corners, preventing accidents caused by children accidentally bumping. In addition, the connection between the top cover and the bottle body adopts a snap design, which can help the child determine whether the cover is closed.
The main materials used in its body is an environmentally friendly one: PET with good chemical resistance, which is nontoxic, odorless and recyclable, meeting environmental protection requirements, and conforms to the concept of sustainable development, green and environmentally friendly.
The bottle body of this repair cream is matched according to the international color matching standard, which is in line with international standards and international aesthetics. Taking blue-violet + white as main colors, with circular elements, it vividly transforms into a happy planet for children, playing happily in the clouds, integrating simplicity, fantasy and texture.

Design by Guangzhou good skin Technology Co., Ltd

Hi!Papa is a new generation of children’s skin care brand established in 2019, focusing on the field of children's skin care, dedicated to providing children with exclusive skin care solutions and solving children’s needs for exclusive skin care.
In 2019, in PCbaby’s product evaluation, which is known as the “Oscars of the Mother and Baby World”, Hi!Papa won two awards, “Annual Quality Choice” and “Annual Word of Mouth Recommendation”, and is the only domestic brand that has won this honor.
In 2021, at the “Zanxin Brand Growth Summit” jointly held by Youzan and Xinbang, Hi!Papa won the honor of “Annual Investment Potential Brand”; In the “Golden Baby Award”, Hi!Papa, as a leading brand in China’s child care industry, won the “Annual Baby Care Award” this year.

Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Decorations


. The design of WING is inspired by birds' wings, which are soft and thin. The one-piece molding structure is adopted to increase the contact surface between the bottom of the handle and the cabinet, which fundamentally solves the phenomenon that the handle is loose due to low durability. The entire handle is evenly stressed, and users only needs to spend a small amount of force to push or pull the switch smoothly, which is not only simple and beautiful, but also very flexible to operate, and to maximize the display of profiles.
The appearance of the handle is ergonomically streamlined, which satisfies the users' daily life habits, greatly simplifies the raw materials, and adds a warm and comfortable life atmosphere. Compared with similar products, WING provides users with the best experience in both design and feel. There are black, Matt black nickel and chrome, 3 multiple colors. Special colors can be customized according to the needs of users to meet the multiple needs of users, and can also be easily integrated into various home environments.

Design by Zhejiang FILTA Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang FILTA Technology Co., Ltd focuses on household hardware, smart locks, and smart homes is a whole industry chain company integrating product development, manufacturing, and sales. Everywhere has a foothold in China and a global perspective. In China, it has established a dual center frontier layout with Zhejiang as the product and supply chain center and Shanghai as the brand marketing center. At the same time, it has opened operation services in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Yiwu, and Foshan to provide users with high-quality product and service experience; Overseas warehouses and outlets have been set up in North America (Los Angeles New York Atlanta, USA), Europe (Hattingen, Germany Strasbourg, France Genoa, Italy), Asia (Tehran, Iran) and Singapore, and other countries and regions around the world. With complete import and export qualifications, the products have successfully entered many well-known stores and chain stores (Costco/low's/bunnings/MENARD) and sold well overseas. At present, normal business involves import and export trade, e-commerce, cross-border business, overseas logistics, design and processing, intelligent manufacturing, and other fields. It has 10 companies and factories at home and abroad, hundreds of preferred distributors and service providers. Relying on the attitude of keeping improving on products, the endless requirements for services, and relying on complete supply chain advantages, it has won a reputation and recognition in the fierce market competition with its hard strength.

Big Eye Series
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Kitchen Products


. Big Eye Series is a series of original new non-stick frying pans and soup pots, which integrates stewing, braising, boiling, and frying, featuring light weight, powerful function and simple operation. It took several months to design this series of products from the perspective of creative novelty and functional practicability, and the original pressure relief valve with automatic adjustment function was created. The original intention is to make kitchen utensils more aesthetic, allowing users to enjoy a unique and interesting cooking experience.
The homogeneity of the existing products in the market and the traditional and old-fashioned appearance or structure cannot meet the needs of the young consumer market for new and exotic products. This product has an original new pot body, an original micro-pressure structure and an original automatic variable pressure relief valve. It also well support a variety of use such as stewing, frying, braising, boiling, steaming, frying and deep-frying to achieve efficient utilization, and perfect cooking energy-saving effect.
In order to achieve both energy saving and smooth exhaust, this product has created a silicone pressure relief valve with automatic adjustment function, which can “ preserve heat when the pot is in low pressure, and release steam when in high pressure”. Moreover, the valve inherits the characteristics of silicone material, which boasts long service life for its high temperature resistance, mold resistance and easy cleaning with odor-free features.

. The handles of this product are made by thermochromic painting, which not only reminds of anti-scalding, but also full of fun. The rounded big R angle design also makes the grip more comfortable. The characteristic twist-open lid not only highlights the personality, but also affect no practical convenience. And the glass of the observation port on the lid applies anti-fog treatment, so that users can know the food state clearly to cook safely and enjoy it with confidence.
The product is round and full in shape and smooth in lines, making it a naivety cookware. Its large opening window and high-saturated color of the glass observation port satisfy the unique visual perception and make the daily kitchen utensils more ornamental and interesting. Moreover, its variety of colors is conducive to customizing personalized styles and bringing users a great cooking experience.
The product adopts a new craft of non-stick. Its inner surface, under high-temperature melting titanium process, which is about 10 times stronger than traditional Teflon material, can prevent the coating from falling off to ensure food safety. The outer surface is coated with high-gloss oil-based paint, making it smooth and easy to clean, which can reduce the pollution of detergent to the environment. And the automatic air valve, made of silicone material with variable properties, can effectively improve thermal energy efficiency to save energy and protect the environment.

Design by Deslon Kitchenware (Shanghai ) CO,. Ltd.

Founded in 2008, DESLON is mainly engaged in the development and sales of home appliances. It owns its own brands including DESLON, BOBER, DAMO, DRON and COOLOCK. It has acquired the Diplomat, Samsonite , Le Creuset, NOOB HUANG, “DeRUCCI, BEYOND Kids and other domestic and foreign first-line brand operation rights, with products covering kitchenware, cups and pots, home textiles, small appliances, travel bags and outdoor products and other supplies categories. The headquarters is located in the commercial office area of downtown Shanghai, with an office area of nearly 2000 square meters. At present, DESLON has more than 20 sales centers in the country, with a total number of more than 200 employees, and the product sales scope covers all channels. DESLON has always been in the leading position in the B2B field, with an annual sales scale of more than 600 million. The enterprise has been committed to the comprehensive construction and in-depth development of the home furnishing industry, and actively plough into the development of e-commerce, entity, new media and other fields.

Fila Dryer S2
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Electric Products


. Designed to target 3D printing consumables easily affected with damp and hard to store, this dryer addresses waste of consumables owing to blockage or stringing during the process of 3D printing to a certain degree, providing an economic, high-efficiency and convenient solution for users.
Thanks to the innovative design of the circular body, the product can be compatible with all 1kg coiled consumables on the market, showing its universal adaptability. Such a structure design boasts a better thermal cycling performance and electro-thermal conversion than a square box, which effectively reduces energy consumption and ensures that the difference in temperature among areas is within 1 centigrade so as to dry the consumables inside more evenly and thoroughly. The designer also optimized heating plates and the circuit layout to raise the highest drying temperature and enhance heating efficiency.
The product equipped with large-size backlit touch screen is convenient for users to conduct precise setting and to visually know multiple parameters including the drying process, humidity and temperature. Based on parameter summary after long-term tests, the designer has stored solutions to various common consumables, making it easy for users to operate with one button. In this way, the operation process is simplified under the drying effect guaranteed. The built-in high-precision humidity detective sensor effectively eliminates the impact of environment, and visually informs users about the drying process.
Besides, the product is designed with the outlet that offers the best angle for connecting with a printer, thereby realizing the integration of drying and printing to facilitate 3D printing for users.


Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Furniture


Unprecedented Fireplace APOLLO
APOLLO is inspired by UFO in science fiction movies, which resembles a UFO with a central panel of 360-degree curved glass, catering to futuristic design concepts and giving users a viewing experience of the whole landscape without dead corners. There are two alcohol and wood burning modes in this fireplace, which are renewable energy and meet the sustainable development. It incorporates the aesthetic sensation of intense tension thanks to its outstanding scientific and technological strength. In addition to emitting brilliant light, the flickering flame also stokes consumers' enthusiasm and pursuit of aesthetics in daily life.
Panoramic View for Excellent Experience
APOLLO is a suspended fireplace with transparent glass that is completely high-temperature resistant and formed like an arc; and there is no column in the center. It has amazing panoramic views of the fire and can view it in a full 360 degrees. A sliding rail design significantly increases the life span and the smoothness of the glass door when it is pushed and pulled. The translucent and clear glass texture has a very high-light transmittance, which makes people inebriated in this leaping fire. You can enjoy the pleasure of meals while admiring the fire thanks to the baking plate of the wood-burning fireplace. This merely further emphasizes the user's pursuit of the beauty of nature and the emotion of seeking freedom from the bustling city.
Exquisite Craftsmanship, Fashionable and Elegant
The surface of APOLLO uses cutting-edge baking paint technology, which has greater adhesion, is difficult to scratch, and is difficult to fall off in a high-temperature environment. After high-frequency sand blasting, the metal's frosted texture, which enhances visual impact and fulfills the function of beautifying décor, expresses the product's massiness and distinctive charm. This item can be regarded as the ideal synthesis of home culture, comfort, and aesthetics.
Integrated Fireplace with Modular Design
The 5mm preferred carbon steel plate adopted by APOLLO for pressing and forming solves the issues of challenging processing and demanding mold specifications, and the average wall thickness of APOLLO is no less than 4mm thanks to integrated high-pressure welding and forming technology, which also resists deformation even in high temperature environments. Independent integrated base is steadfast and stable. Modular design allows for the selection of 200mm, 500mm, and 1000mm extension pipes, substantially reducing the production cycle, simplifying installation, while enhancing the overall visual impression, pursuing quality, and taking user experience into account.
Advanced Technology - Always Pursuing Excellent
APOLLO introduces leading air inlet technology for combustion in closed environment, which is used at the bottom to ensure full combustion and achieve better heating effect and higher environmental protection requirements. Glass wind curtain technology keeps the glass clean and transparent during the burning. These advanced technologies are applied to create excellent quality and provide users with a better experience in the spirit of excellence.
Take Green Energy as Fuel, Safe & Eco-friendly
The other type of ethanol fireplace adopts the straight row and uses renewable bioethanol as energy, which doesn't produce smoke or ash and avoids cleaning troubles, also with no need to connect the smoke pipe, solving the installation limitation in ordinary buildings and high-rise residences. Additionally, the 800℃ high temperature special paints that will not peel off, fade or make odor after burning at high temperature, are used to meet the requirements of environmental protection, safe and green.

Design by Beijing STROM Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD

Established in 2006, Beijing STROM Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD is the first professional company engaged in fireplace R & D, production, sales and international fireplace brand agency in China. In addition to its own brand ST. ROM, it is also the general agent of French SEGUIN, AXIS, JC BORDELET series wood burning fireplaces and Irish DIMPLEX electric fireplaces in China.
The company now has real fire fireplace experience centers in Jinan, Beijing and Shanghai, and has a number of professional fireplace sales, after-sales and installation engineers to ensure that products are recommended and installation instructions are made according to the climatic characteristics of the customer's area, the housing conditions, the decoration style, personal hobbies and other factors, so as to achieve the perfect performance of high-end fireplaces.

Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Cultural & Creative product


This innovative 3D Art Puzzle aims to spark children’s spatial creativity and artistic cognition. The product building draws inspiration from modern structuralism, and the geometric shape is the rational induction of nature.
Such an innovative shape breaks the stereotyped thinking of users on puzzle products, which allows for various vertical or horizontal assembly to offer numberless combination possibilities. The firm connector with the patent structure is easy to assemble even for children. Users can freely extend their imagination toward any direction in the three-dimensional art space. In this way, even users that have not received professional artistic training are able to enjoy the fun of creation. Additionally, the product enables children to exercise their spatial creativity, thereby helping them form the stereoscopic thinking so that children can learn about the world more comprehensively.
Based on six famous fairy tales about animals, which include Le Roman de Renart, A Dog of Flanders, The Jungle Book, Le Lion, The Cricket in Time Square and A Cat Who Lived A Million Times, the pictures of the puzzle is redesigned by the designer. Via the brand-new original artistic images paired with highly saturated colors of nature, the product expresses the love and goodwill to animals and nature, which also enlightens users on artistic as well as logical thinking and improves their execution as well as psychological quality. The personal customization of diverse patterns on the puzzle provides a richer art experience for users.
Besides, the product made of the imported gray board is printed with the environment-friendly ink. The round material prevents cutting hands, with the excellent detail processing ensuring use safety and long life span.

Design by HeBingsong design Co., Ltd.

Ranking among China's top 100 design companies, HeBingsong Design Co., Ltd. is a famous graphic design agency in China, whose design service covers a wide range of business. It has cooperated with many major brands, provided successful design service for more than 100 brands, and won lots of internationally recognized design awards. Designer Bingsong He, winner of the Dragon Design Foundation Award, was selected into the 8th list of top 100 outstanding youths in Chinese design industry. Founded in 2009, the company has gathered a team of a creative talents. It focuses on the establishment of brand image, pursues the perfect combination of business and art, and conveys the common humanity through design works.

Smart heat wall panels
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of New Materials


This is a customizable and recyclable self-heating wall panel specially designed for modern interior architecture. With the built-in high-tech smart chip for heating, the surface of wall panel can be heated up to 30 ℃ within 10-minute power-on. Moreover, the product can provides efficient heat supply and lasting heat preservation, thereby achieving “one panel warms one room”.
Different from common decorative panels made of PP, PU or PVC, the product adopts PET from daily recycling materials, such as waste clothing and plastic cups instead of fossil fuels. The worn-out panel can be recycled as well, realizing the close-loop utilization of resources when reducing the input of new materials and the generation of pollutants during the production process.
Thanks to the mature processing technology, the product is assembled and installed by environmental-friendly adhesive made from soybean, avoiding the harmful gases like aldehydes and benzenes. The anti-fingerprint nanoimprint lithography applied in its surface allows good resistance to abrasion and scratch as well as high strength and stiffness, enabling the product to effectively resist impact. Via the sound insulation pad in the lower layer, the wall panel can reduce noise by up to 21dB and protect against ultraviolet radiation, creating a comfortable indoor environment for users. Meanwhile, the antibacterial coating and the IP67 standard of the product decrease the virus adhesion to the surface, which can be well maintained even after disinfection and cleaning. Therefore, such a wall panel is conducive to long-term use and application in medical places during the epidemic prevention and control.
In addition, the product size and shape are designed to fit conventional indoor space, declining choice cost and easing installation for users. The modular installation reduces the production cost and keeps the the heating modules stable. The patterns and textures of different styles are designed through the pattern scanning and acquisition technology from Italy and high-definition ink jet printing. Users can freely custom the high-definition patterns to infuse the space with rich creativity and artistic attraction.

Design by Zhejiang kingdom new material group co., ltd

With the progress of the times, people now pay more attention to spiritual enjoyment. More and more designers are pursuing the perfection of space design, while paying more attention to the quality safety and efficiency of the plate. Through continuous research and testing, we have finally successfully developed this Smart heat wall panels. It is in line with the sustainable development of the new era, multiple recycling, reducing white pollution and the use of new materials, and can also allow people to enjoy a warm and comfortable environment. Thanks to the process of high-definition scanning technology, we can perfectly present the design patterns of our hand-drawn creative textures. Create more environmentally friendly, lighter and more personalized floor wall panels.

Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Furniture


. finiix is the first CO2-negative indoor furniture line. An ECO design guideline was developed to minimize the ecological footprint and maximize the life cycle of this furniture line. The guideline is based on the results of the KATCH-e research project and its resulting circular design strategies. It makes it possible to anchor the circular economy idea in the design process of the collection and to develop a product design that minimizes the CO2-footprint over the entire product life cycle. finiix is designed to expose sustainable furniture design to a broader and younger target audience. The series consists of a bed, various side tables, a sideboard, a bar, a tower and a closet.
It is currently being expanded with a sofa and a desk. Depending on the size of the product, the construction kit is designed in a way that enables an intuitively assemblance and easy transportation for the end user. In the case of the side table, for example, the cylindrical sticks at the end of the rows of sticks have opposing wooden threads, the sticks in the middle of the row are plugged in, and the legs are screwed to the bottom panel with wooden threads. In the sideboard, all the outer (semi-cylindrical) rods are plugged, the whole is fixed by four cylindrical rods with legs. In the case of the bed or the chest, the elements for assemblance are larger; specially developed connecting pieces are used here to ensure the longevity of finiix furniture.
The choice of materials is driven by the reduction to the essentials and the simplicity of processing to ensure a reduction of waste in the manufacturing process in a CO2-neutral manner so that all materials used can be recycled. By using regional wood from sustainable cultivation, our understanding of sustainability already begins with the selection of raw materials and naturally also includes the ethical and social standards with regard to working conditions.
The COVID pandemic, the climate crisis and the increased environmental awareness make many people see life differently than before. These changes coming our way are a fundamental part of a new era. This upheaval offers the chance to free sustainable design from its niche existence and to put Austrian design more in the international spotlight. The finiix collection helps making this creative potential visible and showing what contribution furniture can already make for sustainable living. Sustainability and aesthetics are not a contradiction.

Design by Christian Kroepfl

s a collaboration between the architect and designer Christian Kropefl and the designer and creative director Andrés Fredes:
Christian Kroepfl:
Born in Western Austria I currently practice as an Architect and Designer in Vienna and Lustenau, where I develop and design high-quality design furniture.
In my design work the questions about functionality and quality as well as the use of natural and sustainable materials are in the centre of the development process. It’s all about the clarity of design and the deliberate restraint to the essential which averts superficial attention: modest, sophisticated and sometimes calm in nature, these pieces of furniture make a point that great design does not tolerate hierarchies or compromise in the interaction of form and function. Sometimes just the simple idea of a truss, and its expression through elegant design is the distinguishing feature of one of these jewels for your home or office.
Modern design, in particular combinations of steel and solid wood, resolves into timeless and aesthetic furniture that beautifies our everyday life.
Andrés Fredes:
Andrés Fredes is a designer, creative director, innovator, entrepreneur and brand strategist. He has worked in the international design scene for more than 20 years - advisory at the crossroads of design, architecture, international business development. As design accelerator, holistic thinker, advisor, facilitator, ideator, conceptualiser he provides creative & visionary leadership.
In the 90's he co-founded the cultural center for art and experimentation "Banana Factory", that became an icon for the underground art scene in Barcelona and made his first steps as curator.
In Austria he received recognition in the design scene for becoming the pioneer of promoting Austrian design worldwide with considerable success. His work established the base for a new design scene in the country and empowered the development of polices for Austrian Design.

Gallery House
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Residential Housing


. The Gallery House, together with the recently finished Espai Saó, is part of a set of interventions carried out for the Mas Blanch i Jové winery, located in the small town of La Pobla de Cérvoles, in Lleida, province of Catalonia.
The house is an encounter between a family house, a small hotel, and an art gallery. In 2017, the owners of the Mas Blanch i Jové winery decided to buy an old house close to the winery, with the aim of reforming it to accommodate the growing number of visitors to the winery, but also to be used throughout the family at their meetings in the Little village.
In the process of the project conceptualization, RSA proposed to relate the house to the artistic experience of the winery itself, represented by the sculpture garden: every year, a renowned artist-sculptor is invited to build a sculpture in the vineyards, with total freedom of subject, location and material. Around the garden there are works by Joan Brossa, Frederic Amat, Evru, or the most recent by Eva Lootz. From now on, each artist will be asked to make a small intervention in the house, creating a joint experience in the visit to the different facilities of the winery.
The project proposes a clear and accurate division of the house by means of a cross established in plan and section, which opens four huge windows in each one of the facades of the house, putting it in close contact with the picturesque landscape of the place. This cross occupies and resolves the circulation spaces, widened to accommodate more function than the distributive itself. These spaces are cladded with cor-ten steel plates, an identifying material of the winery itself, omnipresent in the sculptures and works that Josep Guinovart, a renowned artist, intimate friend of the owners, made throughout his life for the winery. The steel, cold and not a domestic material, represents the exhibition spaces, housed in this cross. Around it, the domestic spaces are deployed, with a completely opposite materiality: mortars, cements and gray tones in the common ground floor spaces; and wood, ceramics and mirrors in the bedrooms upstairs. The material collision is direct on the upper floor: from the metallic and cold space of the exhibition areas, one accesses, through a door with different finish on each side, to the warm and comfortable wooden environments of the bedrooms.
The crucial point of the house is the center of the cross, solved by a small bridge that flies over the ground floor and from which the four large windows open with no frames: two small benches to admire the landscape finish off the axes of the bedrooms; two double height voids star in the remaining sides.
On the ground floor, the distribution takes place around a kitchen, toilets and warehouses block, connecting all areas in a circular path, increasing interior complexity, and passing through spaces of varying heights, compressing and decompressing the spaces. On the top floor, five bedrooms with their own bathrooms occupy the four corners. The same type of bedroom receives five variants, in particular in the bathrooms, each one of a different color, highlighted by the joint between ceramic tiles, the painting of the walls, and the color of the sinks themselves.
Outside, some interventions denote the new character of the house: the four new windows, which cross the facades, with a strange scale to the house itself; the carpet-like cladding of cor-ten steel access stairs; the new socles of the same material, as well as the porch of the entrance, and a greater homogeneity in the outer finishings.
A new fence of cor-ten steel plates closes the house to the outside, and according to the angle, closes or opens the house in view of the passerby.

Design by Raul Sanchez

Raúl Sánchez graduated architect from the architecture school in Granada, Spain. Since 2005 resides and works in Barcelona developing a professional activity which escapes specialization in order to cover all types of work and projects related to architecture, interiorism and design.
He is professor in ‘private perimeters’, a postgraduate diploma in interior design in Elisava School of Design, Barcelona.
The work of the office has numerous awards and is published worlwide in printed and online media.
Our approach to architecture and design is based on the encounter of humanism+technique: the former relies on the world of ideas, on the conceptual and cultural focus, while the latter brings the constructive coherence, the grammar, into the equation.
We don’t work with methods, we use no preconceived formulas, we just work with the space, and the space is the conjunction of material, construction, structure, light, color, texture… and thus, each new project is a new challenge

Lenghu Oil Mine Dwelling
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Residential


In the early 1960s, my grandfather dedicated his youth to the land of Lenghu. The older generation of oil builders, for the oil construction of the new China, brought their families to this land and settled down. The square under the big characters of "Lenghu Oil Mine" should be the most lively place that year. Their youth and life are left on this land. Walking through it, it seems that I saw the thriving scene at the beginning, with the sound of radio horns, the sound of jingling bicycles, and the sound of children laughing and snoring, mixed with the chatter and laughter of adults. But all is gone, and now only this desolate and inhabited ruin is left. Through grandfather's narration, we decided to re-pass the historical memory on the entire ruins and build a new residential space, so that the older generation can feel the feelings of this land again when they came to the place where they lived and struggled. The project passes through the original geographical environment, broken walls and ruins, and through the combination of the new and the old. In terms of spatial construction, a new era of memory is re-given.

Design by ZONEKING

With the advantages of Hirun’s high-end talents, high-end technology, high-end products, high-end services, and other advantages, ZONEKING Villa Decoration has created a leading industry "customized renovation mode" to lead the market standard in the five aspects of chief design, strict selection of supply chain, construction technology 4.0, ultra high standard acceptance, and ZONEKING housekeeping services, and to provide the private customization needs of high-end customers with the overall planning, overall design, overall construction The one-stop and whole process service of overall delivery enables to really see, get and enjoy the intimate and noble villa decoration experience. As the leader of the high-end villa industry, ZONEKING will continue to practice the standards of high-end villas, constantly refresh the height of the industry in every link of the overall planning, design, and construction, and comprehensively exceed customer expectations.