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Waiting series (product design)Contrast Sofa, OO Arm Chair, Rushui table


Just like the definition of the word "Contrast", this guy is a "contradictory body" that combines contrasts, "solidity and lightness", "cold metal and warm fluff", "modern posture, traditional cultural symbols". Contrast sofa adopts a complete all-inclusive fabric design, using modern methods of metal connection, and incorporates the traditional Chinese cultural symbol "Auspicious Cloud Pattern." The arc-shaped armrests will prop up your arms to the "cloud", making sitting feel comfortable and interesting. "What Xiangyun refers to is caused by blessing." Surrounded by good luck in softness. The simple tubular metal legs, the curved soft backrest wrapped in environmentally friendly leather, and the cross-gradient color routing all explain that OO is a modern armchair with fashionable elements. But its design inspiration comes from the classic Chinese-style furniture in our country, a " armchair". OO retained the original structure of Chinese round chairs, above is round below is square, round is harmonious square is steady. In addition, the positional relationship between the armrest and the leg, the coherent way of the loop back and the armrest, etc. all retain the soul of the structure of the armchair. The thickened soft seat cushion increases the comfort of sitting. The height of the loop back is moderate to support the waist, and it presents a new seat image with modern materials and craftsmanship. Rushui is a set of coffee table combination. The design inspiration comes from "the wine glass floats on the running water, people sit by the water, drink a glass of wine and chant a poem and talk about their feelings". The Ruyi base, which symbolizes smooth and auspicious shapes, holds up the glass countertop like a water wave, and ripples on the ground under the shining of different light. We hope that through the integration of "qushui" and "ruyi" elements, users can also be placed in the elegant realm of ancient cultural people.

Design by Jessy Liu

觉佳室内艺术设计创始人/设计总监 中国传媒大学 MBA 米兰理工大学环境艺术硕士 高级室内建筑师 高级陈设艺术设计师 中国建筑协会室内设计分会会员 所获奖项: 第三届中国建筑装饰设计奖(CBDA)“优秀作品”奖 第三届中国建筑装饰“最具创新设计师”奖 第七届“筑巢奖”展陈空间“优秀作品”奖 第十一届中国建筑装饰及设计艺术博览会 “中国室内设计50强杰出青年”奖 第三届中国设计年度人物“年度杰出设计师” 2019瑞丽轻奢生活优秀设计奖 2019《瑞丽家居》专访 央视2套《交换空间》特邀设计师 2018河北卫视《悦空间》专访 摩登上海时尚家居展论坛演讲特邀嘉宾 上海国际酒店及商业空间博览会特邀演讲嘉宾 2020《the one》专访&美物推荐 第四十三届国际名家具(东莞)展览会原创家具展出 第四届设计中国北京原创家具展出

Verismo Design cultural and creative product
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Home Product


The design idea came from specific role of interior designer. By using minimalism Black & White color combination, the solution was made to solve interior designers’ daily practical needs during design process, on site works, and to achieve their very exclusive product needs. We gained more constructional experience out of this project and turned one product into complete set, we also will apply the concept into more different characters.
There are quite several representative products in our proposal that really focusing on the exclusive needs of interior designers. To better present products with both practicability and aesthetics, Verismo Design combined different elements as minimalism colors, patterning and modern spirit to further fulfill different needs of different characters.
Considering the very complicated situation of construction sites, we made package tape with high branded recognition. As many of products are sent to the site packaged, its easy to find our own products with the black & white taping on the package. More possibilities on a simple tape, gave us more inspiration towards brand awareness. Another example was re-designing on safety helmet which also combined art aesthetics and practical scene, it delivers very different brand spirit under minimalism style while secures safety for its users.

From time to time interior designers need rush to construction sites with all the drawings and fabrics full of their hands. The PVC carrying bag is not only durable but also waterproof, it has excellent loading capacity meanwhile can free your hands at any time. There is another mobile shell chain, when designers are at the site doing assembling, it always comes with the hassle that nowhere to place their mobile phone. The chain can allow designers to hang mobile phone on their neck so that hands are free while still keeping the charm of fashion.
Our product follows practical aesthetic design rules, offering common things with new manifestation by analyzing user demand, to give users a very different and new experience. It has always been Verismo’s aim to look after both practicability and aesthetic. Verismo Design will focus not only on practicability for single product, but more on total solution towards different roles and characters. Our vision is to put ourselves into each specific scene and think from the users, and to keep developing products that cover both aesthetic and practicability.

Design by Verismo Design Shanghai Co., Ltd

VERISMO DESIGN adheres to the people-oriented design concept, is committed to exploring cross-domain space design and creating a sustainable lifestyle with a professional service attitude, using practical aesthetics to build the tiny details of daily life in bricks, and creating ideal space solutions according to customer needs .
Our team members span multiple design fields and provide a more comprehensive design plan with a multi-dimensional way of thinking, giving more possibilities to the space. We believe that beautiful design can communicate with users, influence each other, and become an extension of future functions and lifestyles.

“Free Shoes”– A kind of convenient shoes with no distinction between front and back, left and right (no distinction between front and back , left and right feet of the shoes)
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Home Product


“Free Shoes”-- A kind of convenient shoes with no distinction between front and back, left and right (no distinction between front and back , left and right feet of the shoes)
A kind of shoes with no distinction between front and back, left and right is a kind of shoes which has the possibility of no distinction between front and back, left and right, men and women, old and young, and makes it more convenient to wear. It is not only the realization and breakthrough of the revolutionary nature of the new concept, but also a subversion and a milestone in the history of shoes.

Mr Liu Jinglu, in his leisure time, observed that people are always obsessed with the left&right,back&front when wearing shoes at home, to say in the living room, going to or getting off bed at night, which is not very convenient for modern people who have worked all day long and need to relax completely. The purpose of Mr. Liu’s invention is to help people to relax as much as possible even in every detail after busy work, so the convenient shoes - "Jinglu shoes"was invented with rooted creative design.
It took Mr Liu Jinglu half a month to design and make out the new convenient shoes,which was the subversion of normal shoes mold since people start wear shoes with left&right side.We name the creative rooted designed shoes “Jinglu Shoes” in honor of the inventor Mr Liu Jinglu. The rooted creative design of the shoes is not only simple and convenient for people to wear, but to inspire people in life and work of how to make impossible possible, an inspiring change of the way of thinking.

The invention of "jinglu shoes" completely liberated people's hands, and they no longer need to bend down to distinguish the front and back of the shoes. In addition, without the limitation of left and right feet, we are no longer afraid that one of the shoes will be broken or lost. We only need to match a "Jinglu shoe" of the same size to form a new pair to continue to use. (see the attachment for the picture of "jinglu shoes").
A kind of convenient shoes with no distinction between front and back, left and right (no distinction between front and back , left and right feet of the shoes,we are coming with the most rooted and subversive creative design, it will wake up the forefront of leading in the future aesthetics).

Design by Jinglu Liu

Liu Jinglu (Da Lu), a famous artist and inventor, was born in 1965 in Linyi of Shandong province. He is appointed as National Gift artist by Zhongnanhai. He is the originator of “ideological freehand ink painting and ideological calligraphy----sculpture” (The painting on the paper or canvas is transformed into three-dimensional sculpture),Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Painting and Calligraphy Seminar,member of the artists association in New York,Director of the International Federation of Contemporary Arts (USA), Ambassador of the world mind map (UK).His works are collected by Zhongnanhai and many other museums and galleries home or abroad, and by private collectors from America, Japan, South-east Asia, Hongkong, and Taiwan, etc.
Liu’s works are distinguished in this era with their independent thoughts, original spirits and natural qualities, which have influenced and promoted the developing and flourishing of traditional Chinese art.
Director of the world Chinese Artists Association, director of the Chinese Painters Association, academician of the Chinese calligraphy and painting art research institute, vice chairman of the Art Committee of the Chinese calligraphy and painting masters network, vice president of the China International Calligraphy and painting masters Research Institute, director of the China farmers calligraphy and Painting Research Association, director of the Chinese celebrity magazine, vice chairman of the world calligraphy and Painting Association, and President of the International Council of Red Oriental Art.In 2020, it won the "world mind map ambassador" (UK) and the "world mind map Contribution Award". In 2019, the Chinese culture and art talent pool decided to award artist Liu Jinglu the 2018 "peace Art Award" (China culture and art talent management center and China culture and art talent pool); In October 2018, it was awarded the title of "cultural communication ambassador" by China culture and art talent pool.

Warren Kepler lifting sliding door
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Home Product


Warren Kopler lifts the sliding door
1, 25mm narrow frame, 46mm narrow fan design, visual surface can be reduced up to 59%, slim large open, bring feast for the eyes and large vision.
2, using ultra-high precision 6060-T66 aluminum alloy profile, the strength of 35% increase.
3, low threshold design, the minimum can achieve 23mm threshold, good passability.
4, the middle pulley with stop design, bring smooth operation experience.
5, the use of the highest bearing up to 350KG of imported anti-theft hardware, can achieve 6㎡ large door fan.
6, choose the reinforced door fan with core, can realize 3.2 meters high door fan.
7, advanced soft and hard co-extrusion 4-channel sealing technology, to minimize indoor and outdoor heat conduction.
8, can realize full open or open + fixed, unified appearance.
9, can be adapted to comfortable closing device, door fan automatic return position, prevent collision and clamping, safe and assured.

Design by Beijing Warren doors and windows Co., Ltd

A brand of Beijing Warren Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive modern enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has a professional R&D, production, sales, installation and after-sales team, focusing on door and window retail for more than ten years. There are 85,000 square meters of standardized production and storage bases in Fangshan, Beijing, Linqu, Shandong, and Foshan, Guangdong, and a huge investment in the introduction of German Yelu automatic intelligent processing center and a national standard testing center. The annual production capacity of doors and windows can reach more than 900,000 square meters. Warren enters the market with energy-saving system doors and windows, adheres to the business philosophy of leading technology, excellent quality, and winning service. It has been unanimously recognized by the industry and users. It has brand flagship stores in more than 100 cities across the country, cost-effective products and meticulous The service makes the Warren brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Design of Home Product



Memory and identity, imagination and curiosity, the act of looking and freedom. Also my hideouts and escapes, family stories and fairy tales, books and travels, roots and dreams. My whole life, my whole soul break into my work with no filters. And I welcome openheartedly the endless possibilities of growth and evolution that each project might bring.
Being Sicilian means being contaminated after all. That’s why my work holds millennia of cultural intersections which compose the identity of my land. Along with the instinct, love and passion that I have poured for the last 30 years into the profession of furniture designer.
A profession that chose me, way before I chose it: if that wasn’t the case, I might have ended up being a singer or lawyer. But I fell in love with it in the blink of an eye: the same feeling, I believe, that we need in order to be in harmony with the space surrounding and welcoming us.
So for example, from the treasure chest of my childhood, which holds the universe of symbols that my imagination still turns into prophecies, the cards become the face of my most representative line, My Homeland. An explosion of Sicily spontaneously looking towards the East, my natural inclination, my sweetest and strongest cultural infatuation, that each creative act of mine is somehow related to.
What I like the most about each day of my life, is the chance offered by every encounter to open up to new ideas and new worlds; the fascination to see how reality conquers imagination and guides it towards ideal and not random associations, that are going to be caught only by those who look at the world with wonder.
The inspiration, precision, harmony with those who work beside me, give life my own creations. By my sketches originated the patient work of skilled craftsmen of wood, iron, textiles, leather, decoration: all masters are motivated by my own passion and painstaking attention to the nuances that will make the difference.
The craftsmanship makes every creation something original and every piece becomes unique in its own way.
All my collections have the breath of a living soul able to create a connection with spaces.


Marie Maison Sicilian design inherits 30 years of experience in house furniture, in selecting high quality items and supplements, as well as in creating original and handmade lines, providing tailored advice and design work. Paying attention to details, selecting valuable materials and cooperating with skilled teachers have formed a unique personality.