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Water Yifang Hot Spring Hotel
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Hotel Club


Project Name: Water Yifang Hot Spring Hotel
Project location: Lhasa, Tibet
Project area: 12,000 square meters Design time: March 2021 Main designer: Winnie Zheng Design team: Beijing Jingyun Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd. Design Department
Water Yifang Hot Spring Hotel is a large-scale business Tangquan hotel built on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau by Zheng Yun, the queen of bath design. It is an ideal place for leisure and health preservation. This is an inspirational collision between modern leisure culture and local culture.
The designer is deeply inspired by the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty, based on the refinement and re-interpretation of symbols, and adopts central axis symmetry to form a palace-like building.

Focusing on the theme of "Glorious Tang Dynasty", the designer stands from the perspective of shaping cultural self-confidence, rooted in the deep excavation and refinement of Tibetan culture, realizes the dialogue between the past and the present, and weaves a manga picture of dreaming back to the Tang Dynasty.
The road to heaven, the gate of the temple. Massiveness is the language of the reception lobby. The design is free and rigorous, using contemporary materials for a new interpretation, highlighting the beauty of the Tang Dynasty's momentum. All kinds of imagery, this is a dream.
The designer grabs the charm of inheritance from the "Flavor of Beijing", borrows a touch of the agility of poetry from the "Tang Feng", and draws the power of faith from the "Zang Yun" to build a space together, reproduce the artistic conception of gardens and architectural style, Tang Fengzang Yun finally sees it.
Blue is the background color of Tibet, a glacier that refractions, and a deep and tranquil starry sky; The golden color is the light of Tibetan faith, it is a kind of respect and sustenance; Red gives the Tibetan national character and is the saffron of faith; White makes people feel peaceful, quiet, sacred and noble. Each color is given a beautiful meaning, and is put into the most ambitious picture of the Shui Yifang project, bringing visually stunning senses.
At the "roof of the world" above 4000 meters above sea level, Shui Yifang's unremitting pursuit of traditional Chinese garden life forms a huge aesthetic tension on the magnificent and mysterious background of the plateau.The doors that seem to be separated from each other form a symmetrical beauty with a sense of order, which complements the red in the space.

Design by Winnie

Zheng Winnie, Senior interior architect of China Architectural Decoration Association, top ten most original designers in China's architectural decoration industry, master's degree in interior design from shenyang jianzhu university, and went to Paris Higher Art Institute in 2014 to study. Beijing jingyun decoration engineering design co., ltd was founded in 2006.
personal record
Graduated from Environmental Art Department of Liaodong University in 2001. Beijing jingyun decoration engineering design co., ltd was founded in 2006. In 2012, he was admitted to shenyang jianzhu university to study interior design. In 2014, he went to Paris, France for further study. Achievement and honor. Senior Interior Architect of China Architectural Decoration Association. Chairman of Beijing Jingyun Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd. Master degree in interior design in shenyang jianzhu university. 2019 U.S.A Design Award The 4th American International Innovation Design Competition Person Award 2019 TOP10 International Most Influential Designer Award. 2019 U.S.A Design Award Silver Award for Space in the 4th American International Innovation Design Competition. 2019 U.S.A Design Award Space International Innovation Design Award of the 4th American International Innovation Design Competition. 2019 U.S.A Design Award Exchange Ambassador of the 4th China-US International Design Exchange Exhibition; Honorary certificate issued by the US government. Top ten most original designers in China's architectural decoration industry (club space category). Gold Diamond Award for Space in International Competition of Innovative Design Works of Environmental Arts. In 2019, the 6th French Double-faced God "GPDP AWARD" International Space Design Award. In 2019, the 6th French Double-faced God "GPDP AWARD”2019 TOP100 International Influential Innovative Designer Award.
Style and concept.
 The design of Winnie has a strong Chinese traditional culture. Returned from Paris for further study. The beauty of western culture has influenced Zheng Yun, so there are many beautiful interpretations in her works, which are applied to interior design. The differences between eastern and western cultures often create new ideas, and the brand-new regional culture and local lifestyle form the differences in design, constantly excavating and sublimating regional characteristics, injecting new strength into design and creating fresh works. Now we mainly focus on the design of high-end projects such as business and resort hotels, entertainment spaces, dining spaces and villas.

Ningbo Ascott Hotel
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Hotel Club


This project is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, which is a port city with a long history and culture. Owning the massive but reserved humanity, Ningbo is poetry city admired by famous poet Wang Anshi, who wrote a poem to describe the city as "a fairy land with deep blue lagoon, leafy trees and floral fragrance". It also named as energetic port of east, because it is the meeting of Yongjiang, Yaojiang and Fenghua River. The rising sun at Sanjiangkou shines the whole city in every morning. Through the integration of modernism and urban humanity, the space is not only ensoul the city, but witness the true nature of life.

Design by Shanghai Biyu Environmental Art Design Office

Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Hotel Club


An Hui-style Castle That Grows Naturally In The Sky
Yixian County was founded in the 26th year of Qin Shihuang (221 years ago). It is one of the birthplaces of "Anhui Culture". As a world cultural heritage site, Huizhou culture and Huizhou merchants have created ancient villages with typical local traditional characteristics. The natural scenery of the ancient village, which seems to have emerged from the Chinese ink painting, has attracted countless painters, photographers and tourists to come for their vacation. Here, there is no need to choose a special shooting angle. When the drone rises to a height of 100 meters, the shutter is pressed to retain a Chinese painting with a leisurely mood.
WYNDHAM DONGRONG RESORT is located in the south of Yixian County, next to Zhangshui River. It is connected to the Hongcun Tourist Attraction in the east and Xidi Tourist Attraction in the south. There is no doubt that the location of the hotel has laid the cornerstone for subsequent operations. After in-depth analysis of the location and regional culture of the hotel, the designers put forward an integrated architectural, landscape and interior design solution that integrates localization and experience. They also put forward from the perspective of hotel business operations: "Hotels are not only on the way to travel the place of residence can be a destination for travel."
The architectural planning of the project draws on the design processing techniques of the spatial mechanism in the layout of traditional Hui-style villages. That is, through the creation of a series of enclosed courtyards, small water systems and tortuous corridors, an exclusive spatial mechanism is formed in accordance with local conditions, and the planning idea of natural growth and harmony between man and nature is formed.

"Yixian Green" is a kind of marble unique to Yixian, with solid and fine stone quality. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Xidi Mingju buildings used this kind of stone in large quantities. The designer used this unique material on the outer wall of the hotel building below three floors, so that the building forms a visual sinking treatment, and it fits the surrounding natural environment more closely. Starting from the fifth floor, we will retreat and restore the Hui-style villages with the concept of "Huanghui Pavilion". The horse head walls are layered on top of each other to form an array, reproducing the keynote of the micro-style with modern techniques.
After field trips to ancient villages such as Hongcun Xidi, the designers realized that after hundreds of years of wind and rain, the real ancient villages have become full of traces of time and become simple and heavy. The new and the old, the present and the history, should blend more naturally instead of copying the tradition. Therefore, the exterior wall of the building did not directly adopt a large-area white wall. The design team used bamboo to mold and proof, and then prefabricated a bamboo joint board with cement fiber and reinforced concrete. The sense of hierarchy is interesting, and it also has a thermal insulation effect on the building.

Between the hotel lobby and the guest rooms, a traditional Huizhou building is revived here as a corridor connecting the new and the old, the present and the history. The pavilions, wooden windows, and tiles can form a sharp contrast with the glass curtain walls of modern buildings. The curtain wall is made of white glazed glass, which not only controls the projection and transmission of light inside and outside the building, but also influences the stay and extension of people's sight lines inside and outside the building. The lights are on at night, the building is shrouded in dim and gentle light, and the sense of lightness and atmosphere of the holiday is also ready to come out.
While creating the "Huang Hui Pavilion" on the river side of the hotel, the designer also extracted the "horse head wall" elements from the language of Hui architecture along the street to make art installations. The lines are simplified to form an elegant and undulating building facade. People and vehicles can feel the texture changes like the roof of a village in the process of traveling.
The lifestyle that young people yearn for may be hidden in the close relationship between man and nature. The resort hotel provides an opportunity for contemporary people to go back to nature and inside. Designers who are constantly exploring the lifestyle of the future have found the best fit of inspiration between contemporary and traditional with a hotel in a small Huizhou city like a Chinese painting. It adds a best destination for travelers who yearn for natural mountain dwellings and architectural culture.

Design by Luke Han - Hope Design

Mr. Luke Han has been engaged in the architecture and interior design industry for more than ten years, and his completed design projects span multiple industry sectors. Such as: architecture, interior, hotel, tourism commercial space, restaurant, etc. He is not only good at large-scale external space construction of the project, but also good at internal space creation, which also makes his understanding of space design more diverse and comprehensive. He believes that the goal of commercial space design is to convey a lifestyle for consumers through design, and to interpret brand culture and genes through design, and to create a more efficient workspace for users through a comprehensive understanding of operational functions. environment.
Hope Design is a spatial design company with multiple creative thinking, focusing on catering brands and commercial space building. We combine the advantages and characteristics of outstanding teams in various fields, to provide professional and effective of Comprehensive solution for different brands requirements. In the design process, We keep on researching people's sensory experience and needs, constantly exploring the consumption patterns and lifestyles of future young people. We build a unique customer experience with diversified cross-border thinking and artistic aesthetics, and to create maximum value for the brand.

Dianchi Resort enterprise Club
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Hotel Club


Project name: Dianchi Resort Enterprise Club
Project Address: Kunming, Yunnan
Project area: 2,000 square meters
Designer: Xue Wenkang
Main materials: 1, Italian fish belly white marble, Lauren black gold marble
2, Spanish rock plate 3, stainless steel art glass
4. Piano lacquer decorative panel 5. Silk hard bag 6
7, fritillary resin art wall decoration 8, imported intelligent control lighting
9. Sound system imported from the United States

Project Introduction:
This case is an enterprise office located at the dianchi Lake resort in Kunming, Yunnan province, covering an area of 2,000 square meters and located on the 28th floor. Far view of kunming's most beautiful West Mountain Dianchi lake water scenery excellent vision. Stylist asks according to owner, the function on the graphic design in detail, let this space can be to contact the reception office functions at the same time, the designers in this long hallway by setting wall form with the secret door to separate the office and reception area with close illicit, the project also has the enterprise inside of every office for office, reception area, hall and conference rooms. In the owners club area to meet the needs of the owners of the reception of teahouse, movie hall, KTV, private rooms and large, medium and small banquet hall, as well as tailored for high-end guests Japanese SPA room, fitness area, cigar wine area and music room. All rooms are made of floor-to-ceiling glass so that you can have a far view of the most beautiful Dianchi Lake in Kunming. The effect is like a seaside resort. In the design style of the use of modern and classical design concept, so that the project from lighting, materials and soft shipping to meet the requirements of the five-star standard, so as to meet the quality requirements of the owner of the enterprise reception standard. The office is simple and modern, combined with the current popular style, to the company's staff a relaxed and comfortable way of working, so that the corporate image has been super value promotion.

Design by Xue Wenkang - Yun nan Jun yue Construction Decoration Decoration Engineering Co.Ltd..

2017 International Registered Senior Interior Designer (ICSID). ACI
Senior interior Designer of China Building Decoration Association (CBDA)
Senior interior Designer of International Association of Architectural Decoration Interior Design (ICDA)
French CHARACTER AWARD TOP10 Most Influential International Innovative Designer
TOP100 global influence Chinese designers (USA)
2019 China us International Exchange Exhibition special honor of Los Angeles City Hall
Ambassador of Sino-US international Design Culture Exchange
Introduction to designer: Xue Wenkang XueWen Kang TEL:13908730313
Chairman and design director of Grand Hyatt Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
General manager of Honghe Liansheng Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
1994 Designer and general manager of Kangda Decoration Design Center; 1997 General manager of Fuhua Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
1999-2007: General Manager of Dongtian Decoration Engineering Co., LTD.; 2007-present: Design Director and Chairman of Grand Hyatt Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
Since 2007, he has been the general manager of Honghe Liansheng Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
Main representative works:
Interior design of yunnan Gejiu Hetian Folk Village 80-mu Resort Hotel/Interior design of Yunnan Wenshan Runyuan Hotel
Yunnan Gejiu National Tax Office Building
Yunnan Gejiu Bridge Wealth Center commercial Complex
Sichuan Chengdu Zihuang 8000㎡KTV volume song city/Shenzhen 36 mu Bihai bay golf jade Minghui driving range design
French villa design of Yunnan Kunming Dianchi Acrocity Golf Yuehu County/Shenzhen Yide Xuan Haitang Road 1500㎡ villa design
Vietnam Hanoi Ruan total 65 mu villa manor design/Yunnan Kunming Dianchi Resort Park 1903 Pinecone Italian food bar
Vietnam Hanoi Nanqiang Group sales department model house/Yunnan Fenglong Bay International Resort Center model house of 5000㎡ villa /
Shenzhen Bay No. 1 Seaview mansion
Shenzhen Sentel International care chain store in Greater China (Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen) flagship store
Shenzhen Baoneng Group China Resources Qianhai Office Building
Southeast Asia Resort Myanmar
Shenzhen third space REYNAERS Import doors and Windows flagship store in Belgium
Byd sky Villa in Shenzhen
Southeast Asia holiday villa no. 1 chengtoushan Bay, Kunming, Yunnan
2007 Chengdu Purple Huang KTV selected the 14th Asia Pacific Interior Design Competition album /
2007 Huilong KTV was selected for the 14th Asia Pacific Interior Design Competition album
2007 Huilong KTV won the national Dongpeng Cup Interior Design Competition excellence award /
Chengdu Zihuang KTV won the Excellent award of China International Commercial Art Design Competition in 2006
2009 Kunming Dianchi Acropolis Villa selected in the 17th Asia Pacific Interior Design Competition album /
2012 National Seton Cup Excellent Designer /
2015 Top Ten Designers of Yunnan /
2015 CBDA Young Leader of the Year Award
2016 Macau "Golden Lotus" Cup International Design Masters Invitational Annual Innovation figure Award
2016 Yunnan Interior Design Person of the Year award /
2016 Most Influential Design Award of Yunnan Home Furnishing Academy Award /
2017 The 12th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Expo and International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition, CIDF 2016 -- 2017 (China's Top 10 Most Influential Designers (Villa luxury Space category)
2017 Innovative China China Space Design Art Competition C+AWARD -- Top ten Outstanding Young Designers /
2017 Innovation China Space Design Art Competition C+AWARD -- Gold AWARD for Best Design Work
2017 The 12th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Expo and International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition CIDF(Huading Award) Villa Luxury Space Project Category Gold Medal
2017 Macau "Golden Lotus" Cup International Design Masters Invitational Annual Innovation Award (Elite Designer)
Apdc2016-2017 Shanghai Asia-pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Award
40UNDER40 Guangzhou Design Week 2017 -- 2018 Annual List of Outstanding Young Designers in China (Yunnan
2017 French Double God International Innovation Design Award
2018 Innovation China Space Design Art Competition C+AWARD Innovation China best Design work gold medal
2018 Innovation China Space Design Art Competition C+AWARD. Innovation China top Ten Leading Designers AWARD
2017-2018 The 13th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition CIDF. Gold medal of villa luxury space program category
The 13th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Expo 2018 International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition CIDF.2017-2018 Top 10 Most Influential Designers in China Architectural Decoration Industry (Villa and Luxury House Space Category) Award
2018 The first Haier Smart Family Cup Interior Design Championship Yunnan Champion Award
2018 Macau "Golden Lotus" Cup International Design Masters Invitational Competition (Excellent Work Award)
The 15th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Expo and International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition CIDF (Huading Award) 2018 -- 2019 (Top 10 Most Influential Designers in China (Office Space Category)
The 15th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Exposition 2019 International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition CIDF (Huading Award). 2018-2019 (International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition (office space category) gold Award
2019 Innovative China China Space Design Art Competition C+AWARD -- Ten Leading Designers /
2019 Innovation China China Space Design Art Competition C+AWARD -- Gold AWARD for best Design Work
The 11th Zhurong Award 2019 (China Lighting Application Design Competition) Excellent Work Award
The 4th Sino-US International Design Cultural Exchange Exhibition and International Innovative Design Award 2019
TOP100 Global Influence Chinese Designer Award
Special Certificate of Honor of Los Angeles City Hall, 2019 Sino-US International Exchange Exhibition
2019 Sino-US International Design Cultural Exchange Ambassador Honorary Certificate
Shanghai International Design Week 2019 Golden Beam China Design Award Provincial list
2019 "Haier Smart Family" Cup The second China Interior Design Championship Kunming Division -- The Most Beautiful Smart Family Award
The 6th Annual China Design Conference and Golden Eagle Design Competition -- Gold Medal (Hotel Space)
2019 The 8th Yunnan Red Earth Award TOP20 Popular Designers
2019 The 8th Yunnan Red Earth Award TOP40 Outstanding Designers
2019 France Double God International Space Design Innovation Award
2019 French CHARACTER AWARD TOP10 International Most Influential Innovative Designer AWARD
2020Haier Zhijia Gold Medal designer
Top 10 Office Space Designers of the Year 2020 Asia-pacific Space Design Competition
2020 Innovation China Space Design Art Competition and "2020 China Best Design Work Award" gold medal
Organization award:
2015 Top ten Design agencies in Yunnan
2016 Top Ten Design Agencies in Yunnan /
2017 Top ten Design Agencies in Yunnan /
The judges
2018 first (Lanshe Cup) Gold Wall Award home Decoration Design Competition professional judges 2018 (Dali Star -- Design Competition) professional judges
Judge of 2018 Discover International Bolong Cup Complete Design Competition
Red Star Macalline Origin sharing. Home Aesthetics Design Center specially invited resident designers

Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Hotel Club


Preface: Light luxury and modernity, pleasure and elegance, this is the image feature of MORDIN Hotel! And luxury, comfort, sophisticated, and elegance are the orientation of MORDIN Hotel's longing for a better living quality of life!
The designer takes the idea of ingenious design and innovation. Incorporating the technological and cultural connotation of Knowledge City, focusing on hotel etiquette image, art space, comfortable environment, intelligent assembly, quality details, creating a beautiful and modern high-end business hotel space, bringing joy and luxury to visitors!
The lobby is the soul of hotel design. This design is intended to create a theme environment of "the artistic conception of the mountain of books, the cradle of knowledge". Show the different hotel lobby space in the form of a book bar to meet the cultural and social needs of the knowledge city's high-end talents for academic exchanges, business reception, and chat about poetry and books.
Entering the lobby, what shines is a high-end library space! The tall and exquisite bookshelves and the unique and beautiful gray-green lacquered large screens and steel mesh screens are the highlights of the hotel! It is equipped with high-grade gray marble, artistic glass wall, bronze steel mesh wall lamp, and bronze decorative lines to form an organic combination of points, lines and surfaces. The contrast between the real and the virtual, the thickness is orderly, the elegant style, the innovative craftsmanship, and the fashionable features show the luxury and modern hotel style.

Facing the lobby is a large-scale artistic glass-themed relief, which uses the imprint of the "Knowledge of the Future City" as its entry point, which runs through the entire hotel lobby and the important space of each guest room.
It is the IP image (original work) of MORDIN Hotel, which is inspired by the "Future City" plan of Zhongxin Knowledge City. The iconic knowledge tower elements are extracted from it, through the texture glass and code font mosaic form, and organically sorted into a new abstract urban architectural scene, cleverly combined into a blueprint for the future knowledge city.

Design by Lei Rusong

Focus on hotel design for 21 years
Founder of Guangzhou Hanlei Hotel Design Company
Chief Designer/Visiting Professor/Senior Engineer
Director of the Guangzhou Branch of CIID China Architectural Society Interior Design
Instructor of City College of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Honorary President of Zhanjiang Design Force Guangzhou District

Shan Xi Tai Yuan Renjoy Hotel
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Hotel Club


Design by Guangzhou Innowide Design Consultant Co., Ltd

Founded in 2017. Through agile creativity and a blending design concept that touches the cultural heritage of the city, it has successfully provided high-quality design and consulting services for many well-known hotel brands at home and abroad. The works have won multiple awards in major authoritative design awards, and successively won Japan IDPA International Pioneer Design Award, French Double God International Innovative Design Award, Huading Gold Award, Hotel Top Ten Recommended Cases and other awards.
"Bounded building, unbounded design" is the design concept that INNOWIDE Chuanghui has always adhered to. Through a deep understanding of the interior design of modern commercial spaces, and an active understanding of the heritage, customs and culture of each project, it has repeatedly created many A highly expressive commercial work. Chuanghui Design has a complete organizational structure and quality management system. With forward-looking concepts and highly creative international design standards, Chuanghui Design creates value for customers and creates cultural business cards for the city.

Ramada Plaza Ningguo
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Hotel Club

iida 2021 Ramada Plaza Ningguo10-中餐包厢


Project address: Ningguo City, Anhui Province
Project area: 25,000 square meters
Project scale: five-star hotel
design concept:
The beauty of Anhui is always mountains connected by mountains, mountains next to mountains, endless; every scenery always has scenery outside the scenery, and the twists and turns always have surprises and beauty, so the hotel will never be the focus of the journey.
The project is located in Ningguo, which has a landscape advantage of mountains and lakes. The elements are extracted from the mountains and waters of southern Anhui as the prototype. At the same time, it seeks inspiration in history, respects the order in Huizhou art, symmetrical aesthetic foundation, and interprets Huizhou symbols with modern methods, concisely condensing the relationship between tradition and modernity.
Starting from the architectural transformation and combining the mountains, the buildings are undulating, interspersed with internal spaces, changing scenery, winding paths, and walking into different spaces will always make you discover different beauty.

Design by Jiang Wen

3rd Floor, Building 13, Block C, First Park, Wuzhong Avenue, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Chief Designer of Suzhou Nine inch nails Space Design Studio
Director and Associate Dean of the International Academy of America
Founder of Set Set Elite Exchange
Awards experience:
China's outstanding young designers
Outstanding Youth of China (Jiangsu) Design
Top Ten Outstanding Young People in China's Decoration Design Industry
Asia Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Gold Award
design concept:
A good designer only needs to open Bole's eyes, realize the unique beauty of different spaces, discover her, enlarge her, and make her present in the world more meaningfully.
Design works:
Huzhou Yujiangnan Restaurant
Novotel Hotels in Yancheng
Baiyun Mountain
International Health and Leisure Resort Hotel
Yinshan Lake Hotel Club
Coralview Resort Fiji
Sino-Fiji Cultural Resort World

Walton Royal Garden Hotel
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Hotel Club

IIDA-2021-Walton Royal Garden Hotel-20


Inherit the royal artistic and cultural heritage,Beyond the traditional definition of "light luxury",Walton Royal Garden Hotel is like a black diamond shining in the vast city,Elegant and refined、Prosperous and dazzling...... The overall style of the hotel contains a black mystery,It is the most noble and luxurious hotel in the Walton brand series,Externally connected to the city,Dialogue with others internally。
Hotel lobby
design,Interpret the luxurious style of modern palace,Presents a modern and luxurious experience, Exuding an elegant and refined temperament,Entrance facade art installation "fruits" "jiangshan" Fusion is very interesting,Very artistic,It also means that Walton will open 16 stores in four years. In the local industry in Ganzhou,Great score。
Decorative screens in the lobby, Open space and lobbybar shape Repeated Slim Decorative linesShows a sense of speechless beauty,Patchwork Golden glazed decoration lampAgainst the backdrop of a large area of black background and delicately trimmed green walls, The luxury of the royal style is vividly displayed.
Hotel all-day dining restaurant concentratedGanzhou cuisine、Guangdong cuisine Essence, Fusion western dim sum, There is a special area for children to experience self-made snacks, Fully open Ganzhou cuisine Guangdong cuisine Really delicious travel。The design style is also integrated into the concept of "Royal" and "Garden Dining", The reasonable combination of marble, crystal, glass and green plants presents a comfortable and luxurious dining space.

The hotel has large, medium and small banquet halls, Chinese, Western and modern themed banquet halls. Meet the requirements of wedding banquets and meetings of various sizes from 60-600 people. Design with high-tech influence、Intelligent lighting scene、Meet the different needs of customers.
The hotel has 284 luxurious and modern rooms. It has a brilliant view of the Zhangjiang River and the city. Every room is calm and comfortable, The details reflect the local culture and the subtle elements are intertwined, making the room full of texture, exquisite, comfortable and elegant.
Good design is the fit between people and space, The overall design of the hotel, with its far-sighted artistic concept, will redefine the experience of Walton International Hotel, integrating low-key luxury, modern and comfortable contemporary living aesthetics, and integrating the beauty of architecture through the modern space design, exquisite and restrained, based on Light luxury itself interprets the perfect hospitality art of Walton Hotel Management Group.
Project location: Jiafu Financial Center, No. 26, Chengxiang Avenue, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City
Project area: 30000 square meters
Opening time: October 2019 Interior design: Tan Yulin
Tan XiaoYun Soft Decoration Consultant: Ye Xiaotao
Deepen the design: Wang Shuai
Photography: Qi Ye

Design by Tan YuLin

Tan YuLin Senior Craft Artist, Senior Interior Architect, Founder of Shenzhen Tan Yulin Interior Space Design, Member of Interior Design Branch of Architectural Society of China, Member of Shenzhen Interior Design Association.
Shenzhen Tan Yulin Interior Space focuses on the design of star-rated hotels and high-end dining spaces; Since 2015, he has participated in the establishment of the Walton International Hotel brand, and has coordinated and presided over the interior design of the hotel. It has opened more than 20 so far and is still being updated.
Since 2016, he has participated in the creation of "Luxi Ganzhou Hakka Cuisine", "Luxi Fresh Dudu" and "Luxiaoxi" series of catering brands and presided over the interior design. It is still being updated.

Yangjiang Hailing Island Beiluo Secret Land Luoyue Hotel
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Hotel Club


Luoyue hotel sits on the long ecological coastline in western Guangdong, which is comparable to the resort in Greece. Won the 21st China Golden Horse Award. It is a coastal resort destination integrating tourism, leisure vacation, delicious seafood and maritime entertainment.
As one of the ten most beautiful islands in China, Hailing Island has idyllic scenery like a paradise and cultural customs full of fisherman culture. Grass wrapped in the fragrance of soil; Neat and orderly, like ridges waiting for farmers to review; The industrious figure of sunrise and sunset in the field; Green bricks and grey tiles full of years; From far to near, or virtual or real mountains... The sea looms, accompanied by the fisherman's spark in the eye of the bright moon... A charming and vibrant fishing boat singing night is played one by one. The design creativity of this case is extracted from the local culture and fully integrated into the hotel lobby and restaurant space. It is planned to build the hotel into a tourist card of Hailing Island and arouse tourists' desire to explore Hailing Island, which is the core concept in the design concept.

Design by Guangzhou Yipai Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Adhering to the design concept of respecting nature from avenue to simplicity, GAO HUI has been engaged in interior design for 19 years, and its design works cover houses, hotels, restaurants, clubs, real estate marketing centers, museums, etc