IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Hotel Space


VYTEL HOTEL takes intelligent sports as its theme, perfectly integrates fitness equipment into the hotel environment, highlights the "strength" and "toughness" of the sports theme, and shapes a personality and healthy attitude towards life. The whole space is divided into physical and mental rebalancing space, soothing sleep space, and vitality recovery space to create a new concept of sports and a healthy lifestyle, bringing a new experience of a new era of sports for all.
Independently divide the sports area and add the equipment needed for sports and fitness to create an exclusive capsule gym for users. Smart technologies such as fitness mirrors penetrate into every aspect of the guest room scene, hardware, equipment, and content services, from sports flooring to basic strength training and aerobic equipment, to self-weight training and other needs are all met, helping to create a healthy atmosphere and encouraging guests to move and activate healthy exercise nerves.
The multifunctional bed-end stool can be used as a normal bed-end stool as well as auxiliary equipment when exercising. The metallic color scheme makes it lead the natural transition from the physical and mental rebalancing space to the sleeping space. The wall above the bed is decorated with golden slogans, implanting the brand spirit and other soft culture into the interior, reflecting the brand spirit and encouraging the occupants to work out. The sports area with hard sports elements transitions to the sleeping area with soft curves, from activation to energization, making the occupancy experience from dynamic to physical and mental relaxation.
The entrance is a showcase for fitness clothing, with plenty of storage space reserved for users and a body fat scale + shoe and sock dryer to allow users to enjoy a soothing sensation after working out. The mini-bar recharge station will provide energy replenishment and repair before, during, and after exercise. The bathroom is equipped with smart products such as a towel dryer to clean and sterilize the bathroom, redefining exercise health and giving users a truly clean post-workout experience.
The entire space is decorated in premium black, grey, and white, with touches of brand colors for an overall unified and highly textured feel. The space is heavily decorated with metal, a futuristic large-screen display and the clever use of dynamic lines put the user's sporting life at their fingertips.


FHD HOTEL DESIGN GROUP (FHD Hotel Design Office), a famous brand hotel original design organization in China, certified by China Building Decoration Association as the outstanding hotel space design organization in China. Since then, FHD has gathered a team of more than 130 design elites from home and abroad, providing innovative design consultancy services for 4,000+ hotel projects in 300+ cities nationwide, accumulating rich industry experience and gaining wide recognition from the society.
As the first hotel design and planning firm in the world to be certified by an international organization, FHD has a perfect organizational structure and quality management system. Focusing on hotel interior design, we always keep abreast of the times, grasp the vane of hotel development, and empower the rise of local brands in China with our first-class project service quality, active and professional service team, and perfect construction management system!

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