IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Ramada Plaza Hotel

Ramada Plaza Hotel
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Hotel Space


. Ramada Plaza Hotel is located in the scenic area of Zhenghe, Fujian Province. It is a star hotel with full service including catering, leisure, entertainment and accommodation. Zhenghe is a multi-cultural place with strong Zhu Zi culture, white tea culture and bamboo culture, which gives the hotel a stronger cultural background. Through the understanding of the hotel business positioning and construction characteristics of analysis, reasonable arrangement of the traffic line and supporting functions, on the style of the project positioning, combined with the history of the local folk customs and geography humanities, with "zen tea, elegant, bamboo gas" as the design of the integral space language, with a face modelling concise and lively and tonal and supplement each other, It has created a hotel space with the characteristics of The Times.

Design by Super wang

GRADUATED FROM FUJIAN Agriculture AND FORESTRY UNIVERSITY IN 2004. Since 2004, he has been engaged in interior decoration design, intermediate engineer member of China Interior Decoration Association Company: Fujian Dayue Construction Development Co, LTD Position: Executive Director/Chief Designer Design concept: Thinking about the nature of people and all things, and resonate with it Awards: Excellent Award of Public Construction Engineering of Fujian Architectural Interior Design Grand Prix in 2016 In 2018, he was awarded the Top Ten Outstanding Hotel Designers in Fujian Province In 2020, he won the French God of Two Faces Award Representative Work: Zhenghe Ramada Plaza Hotel (five-star) Yongan Yanjiang International Hotel, Fujian Province (Five-Star) Xishui Tianze Hotel Hubei (Five-star) Honor Restaurant, Beijing Pullman Shishi Mingsheng Hotel (five-star) Dehua Porcelain Pearl Hotel Days Hotel Xiamen Yushan Hotel, Fuzhou Fuzhou "Shiyingtang" Porcelain Painting Art Museum Wuyishan Yunqing Resort Hotel Fujian Youxi Yurun Hotel Juchunyuan Hotel, Fuzhou Fuqing villa, water villa, Junshan villa

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