IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Hotel Space


With the design theme of "I, the place I want to go", the hotel combines the brand's gentle and elegant personality with a humanistic and international outlook, and abstracts and incorporates elements such as map outlines and overlooking city views into the space in an artistic way, thus establishing a connection with the design theme. Comfortable furnishings, meticulous attention to detail, and the integration of modern technology provide travelers with a warm, comfortable, and high-quality temporary living space.
Smart hotel facilities + reinvented hotel spaces to make the hotel a stylish hotel leader and enabled PMS system provider, a cloud-based PMS system that enables rapid deployment of hotel orders, cloud-based software that does not rely on expensive hardware upgrades but automatically installs new update programs, also means that the hotel's ponderous information can be handled properly without fear of data loss or daily interruptions
With precise lighting control and professional intelligent scene design, various lighting modes can be set in the public areas of the hotel, such as welcome mode, day mode, evening mode, night mode, and so on. All the lamps in the guest rooms are adjustable in brightness, and the lamps present different brightnesses for different ambiance modes. This adds atmosphere to the environment, makes the colors more three-dimensional and layered, meets the different emotional needs of each guest, and brings a different visual experience.
The cold water system, drainage system, storage capacity and control of hot water temperature, thermostatic control during bathing, smooth drainage, and avoidance of backflow from floor drains are important design aspects that are invisible, yet directly related to the move-in experience. The designers take care of every detail through layers of control to ensure the best possible move-in enjoyment for every stay.
The hotel is designed around the "people" and the "city", with the visual presentation of visible design and the "invisible" design spirit creating the strongest experience, allowing travelers to experience the collision of elegance and fashion in the fashionable and retro Magic City.


FHD HOTEL DESIGN GROUP (FHD Hotel Design Office), a famous brand hotel original design organization in China, certified by China Building Decoration Association as the outstanding hotel space design organization in China. Since then, FHD has gathered a team of more than 130 design elites from home and abroad, providing innovative design consultancy services for 4,000+ hotel projects in 300+ cities nationwide, accumulating rich industry experience and gaining wide recognition from the society.
As the first hotel design and planning firm in the world to be certified by an international organization, FHD has a perfect organizational structure and quality management system. Focusing on hotel interior design, we always keep abreast of the times, grasp the vane of hotel development, and empower the rise of local brands in China with our first-class project service quality, active and professional service team, and perfect construction management system!

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