IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Hainan Honghua Business Hotel

Hainan Honghua Business Hotel
Winner of 2022 GOLD Prize

Design of Hotel Space


. Zen. It’s a state of mind. Into the landscape, into nature. It’s got a very un-urban personality. Zen is a kind of returning to let the heart dry up. Rejuvenate: Let the body of exhaustion, escape into the natural state. Zen is a pursuit. Remote open noise, living alone in a corner, mind renren tour, extremely eight directions. Like, is a kind of faith. It leads you to find the meaning of life, and into the wisdom of life.

Design by Shengwu Zhu

Zhu Shengwu (Frank), national first-class constructor, internationally registered senior designer, and internationally registered senior project manager; Expert of International Architectural Fengshui Society; Bachelor of Engineering Management, China University of Geosciences; Senior class of architectural geomantic omen in Tsinghua University; Senior Seminar on Hotel Design, Tsinghua University; Master of Autonomous University of Barcelona, Doctor of Catalonia University of Technology (studying); The project hosted by him has won the "Gold Key Awards", the highest honor in global hotel design, the Italian A 'DESIGN AWARD&COMPETITION, the International Space Design Award - Aite Award, the "Huading Award" of China Decoration Association, the "Platinum Award" of Chinese and foreign hotels, and the annual outstanding designer of WAD World Youth Designers Conference; He has been engaged in interior design for 18 years, participated in the design of five-star hotels of many international brands, and is familiar with various electromechanical specialties of hotels. He has rich experience in hotel site design and deepening. Recently, more than 30 international top brand hotels have participated in the design of hotels in China, including Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Interstate Hotel, Jiangxi Ganzhou Jinjiang International Hotel, Venice Hotel, Changzhou Hilton Hotel, Xiangshan Hilton Hotel, Marriott Hotel of Galaxy II, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Raffles Hotel of Galaxy III in Macao, etc.

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