IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Hotel Space


. PARK PLAZA ZHENGZHOU is inspired by the unique plum blossom stakes of Chinese Kung Fu, and is designed with elaborate martial arts techniques and floating belts, linking "national style" with "international". The circular atrium design enhances the sense of space in the lobby, just like a "time stage" that brings an aesthetic journey through the hotel, from the moment you step into the hotel, the journey of "living" with fashion and elegance has begun.
The hotel has reserved a spacious lobby, a public rest area, and a dining area to satisfy diners' taste buds, making the short stay more warm and comfortable. The space is decorated with solemn Chinese red, and the public areas such as the porch are divided into golden sections, adopting the traditional Chinese layout and incorporating ancient Chinese elements in every detail, showing the charm and artistic beauty of ancient elements.
The guest room is the main activity place for the staying travelers. Based on humanized consideration, the designer installed modern intelligent hotel systems in the room, including automated curtains, room thermostat, comfortable lighting and bathroom speakers, etc., to free the hands of the staying travelers to the greatest extent, so that the feeling of tiredness of running around is removed from the body when staying.
The regular classic geometric shape combined with the modern sense of rotating escalator creates a new realm of senses. The "strong" beauty from kung fu and the "soft" beauty that brings comfort are cleverly combined to open the discussion on "force" and "beauty" in art. The space design of contemporary art is reinterpreted through the discussion of "force" and "beauty".
Food is an indispensable part of the journey, and PARK PLAZA ZHENGZHOU is able to provide guests with high value, high quality, and high taste cuisine, as well as local flavor dishes around the clock. With the ink and vermilion carpet combined with the Xuan-pen element decorative lamp design, the cultural atmosphere of Chinese dining leaps to the forefront, soothing the mood and improving the appetite.


FHD HOTEL DESIGN GROUP (FHD Hotel Design Office), a famous brand hotel original design organization in China, certified by China Building Decoration Association as the outstanding hotel space design organization in China. Since then, FHD has gathered a team of more than 130 design elites from home and abroad, providing innovative design consultancy services for 4,000+ hotel projects in 300+ cities nationwide, accumulating rich industry experience and gaining wide recognition from the society.
As the first hotel design and planning firm in the world to be certified by an international organization, FHD has a perfect organizational structure and quality management system. Focusing on hotel interior design, we always keep abreast of the times, grasp the vane of hotel development, and empower the rise of local brands in China with our first-class project service quality, active and professional service team, and perfect construction management system!

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