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Italy International Design Award 2024

Zhaoshan impression Middle overlapping model room

Zhaoshan impression Middle overlapping model room
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Soft Decoration


The design inspiration of Zhongduo comes from the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty. Chen Yinque, a master of traditional Chinese culture, said that "the civilization of China has evolved for thousands of years and reached its perfection in Zhao and Song Dynasties". Song Dynasty is no longer the name of a dynasty, but has evolved into a unique aesthetic symbol in the history of art. At that time, aesthetics required absolute simplicity, that is, the simplicity of circle, square, plain color and texture. Different from the Tang Dynasty, the beauty is red and green, but the people of the Song Dynasty painted with ink and fired porcelain with monochrome glaze. So far, the calligraphy and landscape painting of the Song Dynasty is still the highest character and style recognized in the world, and the aesthetic influence has not disappeared. The design of the whole set of model rooms integrates the cultural core of aesthetics in the Song Dynasty with modern life; From the aspects of flowers, incense, paintings, tea and porcelain, the original beauty hidden in the lake and mountain is introduced into one room, one object and one corner. Lead us to revisit the definition of beauty and understand the essence of life. As a villa, the two floors above the ground are used as living space, and the mezzanine on the first floor underground is set as the owner's rest and collection space. Each functional area not only maintains relative independence, but also can be connected with each other in variability.
In Chinese culture, the crane symbolizes peace from the crane. The crane sculpture entering the house indicates that the owner can travel safely in a day.
The living room space takes the brown wood color as the main color, which is interpreted with the advanced gray white system, decorated with bamboo cyan, and the introduction of simple and neat furniture to form a large space for simple and elegant modern life.
Seen from the front, the beige sofa is used as the background color and decorated with cold emerald tea table, just like an unfolded ink painting scroll( Cold jadeite is a natural stone with jade). On the basis of clean and natural interior design, the restaurant space is equipped with a single chair of Chinese designer CHI WING LO and a jade table top of blue ice jade. The whole space reveals the feeling of Zen Oriental. The chandelier is designed by the brand leedarson. His inspiration comes from the rice grains in our meal. The application of this lamp in the restaurant has the significance of commemorating Yuan Longping, our father of rice. In our daily meals, we remember his contribution to us. The built-in design technique of the cabinet is an excellent place for placing works of art. It shows some single glazed porcelain of the Song Dynasty, highlighting the unique side of the space, atmospheric and elegant.
The kitchen space is the continuation of the restaurant space. It is clean, transparent and elegant, like the paintings of the Song Dynasty. It is simple and not cumbersome.
Looking from the door opening of the parents' room, the landscape of the parents' room and the balcony form a scene, and the hobbies of life coexist with artistic aesthetics. In leisure, I just come to the balcony to have a cup of tea. The breeze blows. Looking at the landscape outside the building, I feel very comfortable.
The girl's room does not deliberately highlight the childish and naive spatial nature, but creates the image of a big girl who loves painting. While paying attention to the independence of girls, it enriches the multiple levels of space through a clear and elegant sense of color, and abandons the design of traditional children's room.
The master bedroom uses a suite setting, which can not only highlight the humanized thinking centered on the living population, but also have a large-scale use space. Adhering to the principle of aesthetic restraint and refinement in the Song Dynasty, the master bedroom restores the space and accessories to the simplest form, showing the low-key and elegant taste and posture of the male and female hosts. Both the male and female hosts are lovers of traditional culture, Coming from the hostess's traditional Chinese painting workshop is the master's study. Insisting on writing has become a habit of him. From the study to the master bedroom, there is neither bravado nor senior rendering, which unfolds slowly with the walking of the space. The master bedroom is calm and rational in the change of peaceful color level. The superposition and scaling skills of bed, bedside table and bed tail collapse open the scale of space to the greatest extent and highlight the visual feeling of atmospheric openness. The ink cave stone decorative painting and platinum cave stone sculpture of the TV cabinet use traditional and modern materials to interpret the same content, and restore the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty to life.
The basement is the area where the owner collects and receives guests. As a tea lover, the interlayer collects all kinds of tea products from the male owner. Various kinds of tea will also attract real tea lovers, so as to inspire their own collection and display. The empty area of the reception hall is hung with hat and bowl shaped chandeliers, forming continuity with the aesthetic space upstairs. We should always maintain elegant habits when we are busy. We should taste a cup of tea in the tasting area, take away our fatigue, meditate on the true meaning of life, always maintain goodwill in the secular flow, and explore the livable practice under the philosophy of oriental aesthetics.

Design by Shanghai AOD interior design Co., Ltd

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