IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Cuihu five-episode model room

Cuihu five-episode model room
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Soft Decoration


Oriental aesthetics takes "the orientation of artistic conception, simplicity, nature, and ingenuity" as the way of thinking and philosophy. This mansion is jointly developed by Wujian Design and TCD² DESIGN Shutian Design. The design extracts oriental aesthetics, blends into Shanghai's contemporary modern and elegant lifestyle, integrates modernity and tradition, humanities and fashion, and restores the "original appearance" of life.
△The entrance is simple and refined to create drama and conflict. Abstract Ink Painting "1937 My Home" Artist|He Xi
Simplicity and abundance, accommodating the world
Plato said: "Beauty exists in the eyes of the viewer." The axis-symmetrical entrance is 6 meters long, which is bold and upright, creating a relaxed and natural abundance in simplicity. His abstract ink painting "1937 My Home" created a simple and beautiful oriental temperament, and also raised the temperature of home. The black wooden bench is presented with "plain face", showing freedom and running wild, the encounter between exquisiteness and the wilderness, and it is immersed in the fullness and etherealness of nature.
△Living room, looking for the scenery of home
Luxurious scale, tranquility and safety
Swiss thinker Amiel said: "A natural landscape is a state of mind." Design is like a state of mind, and good design can always find different landscapes. This apartment has a 16-meter-wide guest and restaurant large-open luxury scale, creating a stretch of natural scale for the home.
△A quiet living room, depicting delicate ink paintings | "Clouds by the Window", artist | Shen Ganshi
Single lounge chair, design|John Lubberts&Lambert Mulder
The designer emphasizes the luxury and calmness of the scale here. In the soft furnishings, the contrast between the physical scale of the objects and the contrast of natural materials enriches the layers, and also creates nature and comfort.

Design by TCD² Design

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