IIDA Award Italy 2022

Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Decoration Display


Design to restore life--Interesting, perception , Show between inch charm, to find a way of life. The design characteristics of DESIO DESIGN are integrated into the specific house type and complex living needs, feel the collision and integration with the heart, and refine the spatial texture with both personality and harmony. This poject shared to express the attitude of life through the space, and describe the quality of life of contemporary urbanites with full of interesting and diversified design.
75-The "Time and space." Integrate the plot, into the scene, the body and color quality to give the space the internal quality. In the low saturation of gray and white tone, with the strong red as an ornament, from decorative painting, by bag to furniture single products, the space theme fusion —— symbiosis and co-prosperity, each other wonderful.

Design by Desio Design

Desio design is a comprehensive design company integrating interior design, furnishings and home life. Founded in Shanghai in 2014, it has grown into an internationally renowned private customized design brand for quality space. Relying on a professional design team, Desio design is mainly committed to providing high-end real estate developers and elites with high-quality creative and design services. It is not only good at real estate, model rooms, creative offices, boutique hotels, clubs, restaurants and other diversified commercial space design, but also specializes in villas, model rooms, creative offices, boutique hotels, clubs and restaurants high quality luxury housing and other living space, provide personalized and quality interior design and soft decoration design solutions.