IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

China Overseas Property·Yinchuan THE ROYAL PENINSULA 143,133 model rooms

China Overseas Property·Yinchuan THE ROYAL PENINSULA 143,133 model rooms
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Soft Decoration


Unit 143 theme: "Knowledge of ink", exquisite humanity, modern Chinese high-end high-end residential
In the ink painting, the ink is dry and wet, combined with different writing methods, to show the artist's cultural accomplishment and personal consciousness. We hope to borrow this concept and use different ink techniques to express different spatial emotions and rhythms, and release different spatial feelings. In terms of the design language of the space, we will achieve the purpose of expressing the emotion and rhythm of the space through some commonly used techniques in ink painting, such as splashing ink, breaking ink, ink accumulation, and lingering ink.
133 unit theme: "Encounter with Bulgari" The ultimate bright and charming high-quality residence
This case attempts to draw inspiration from Bulgari’s brand culture and spirit, and extend the grace and atmosphere of Bulgari jewelry to the architecture and interior decoration. Disseminate irresistible charm and classics that transcend the times. The geometric design of Bulgari jewelry appears on paintings, carpets, coffee tables, and lamps, looking for unity among irregularities. Show the feminine charm, as if telling the bold and uninhibited attitude of modern women to life, showing a charming and elegant temperament

Design by Guangzhou Lingxilidu Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd

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