IIDA Italy International Design Award


Professional Award -- SILVER 

Design Architecture Design

Greenland Hongkong Taihulangfeng


The site strategy
The external sales dynamic line has been built since the urban traffic station, creating an experience emotion of the whole process. The external moving line combined with the natural lake view fully displays the irreplaceable natural landscape resources of the project, and the panorama of the sample area unfolds slowly like a long scroll. By creating an open landscape green space in the front of the sample area, people can view the lake and overlook the Wujiang Taihu New City, and there is no lack of acceptance and tolerance of "entry into the world" after retreating to nature.


Design conception
Under the background surrounded by high-quality ecological base and full of vitality in the future, it is the starting point and concept throughout the design of the entire sample area to create a to create a low-key site which adapts to the ecological environment and also eye-catching place full of Jiangnan culture atmosphere. The landscape and the architecture coincided with each other and chose a pure white and simple design vocabulary, with an integrated and seamless design method to record the passage of time and the eternity of nature quietly and elegantly .


Pure aesthetic
The minimalist geometric shape is pure white. The unity of pure modeling and vision, which contains the silent power of shock and heartthrob -- this is the power of white. White is rich, and the light and shadow play the natural brilliance with it as the background. The minimalist approach along the tree shadow whirling path eliminates all complexity and confusion. The concept of "less is more" interprets rational but not simple design in the form of least simplicity, and in the modern design vocabulary is a kind of Chinese-style "blank".

Wu Bei Design

Professional Award -- GOLD 

Design of Architecture Construction

HGD Headquarters – by Cosmos Architecture


The project consist in the design for a new production base which is going to have among other functions: offices, staff residences and factories buildings. Schemes design process consist in define clearly the areas of production and the ones for support and management. The whole project stand on a podium that has several shared spaces for the workers and allows the direct connection between the buildings thanks to bridges and ramps.
The facades are designed with metallic profiles that give a shading effect using different distances between them and defining so the production volumes.


The facades without the metallic profiles use the concept of the “light box” and they are made with U-Glass; in these case they correspond to the offices and managing areas.
Under every “light cube” the architects subtracted a volume from the podium to make entrances.
The total area of the project is around 60,000sqm. The new development is going to be a new landmark for the city of Guangdong and a icon for the company brand.

Cosmos Architecture

Cosmos Architecture is an international architecture practice based in Milan, Madrid and Shanghai.
Today, the studio is composed of several architects, urban planners, landscape and interior designers of 7 different nationalities.
Cosmos Architecture`s principle is the collective conception. From the very beginning, the practice believes in the virtues of exchange, crossing ideas, common effort, shared knowledge and enthusiasm. Cosmos Architecture believes in a socially engaged architecture. This approach is nourished by the numerous worldwide achievements made over the last year, and by a constant attention to the quality of the spaces and new uses.
Cosmos Architecture wants to involve architects and artists of different generations and nationalities, in order to question every scale of the architectural practice. Open to architects, urban planners, landscape designers, artists, writers, philosophers, etc., Cosmos architecture is a think tank for urban, architectural and artistic reflections.

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Architecture Design

Zidong International Kindergarten

Description of
building structure

Finally, Zidong kindergarten has become a semi enclosed castle with "d" shape as the carrier. Make the building block and children form a nature of mutual integration and shuttle, quietly telling the children's endless growth stories.
The designer has designed the whole second floor as an open courtyard. In addition to allowing children to have an entire floor of activity space, the design team follows the trend, extending children's activity steps from the second floor to the outdoor activity space on the first floor. The unique natural landscape ramp was born, and children can completely release their nature on the ramp, whether it's footsteps, climbing, or Those who use recreational facilities are accompanied by wind and sunshine.

characteristic space
central courtyard

[running | gather in the central courtyard] - characteristic space
Along the entrance, there is an arc-shaped safety path. The children run freely along the bright and smooth atrium, and then enter the "core" - the central courtyard. This is an oval atrium space. When you look up, you can see the sky and breathe the natural air. The courtyard is connected by the surrounding corridor, which is a semi outdoor space. The boundary between the indoor and outdoor is hidden here, and "hidden" behind the partition wall is the children's classroom. They are well wrapped in the embrace of "Castle", learning and growing in a free environment.

landscape ecology
grow up with big trees

[accompany | grow up with big trees] landscape ecology
The whole kindergarten is endowed with the power of life, and there is natural breath everywhere. From the entrance, to the atrium, and the patio, trees were planted. With the change of climate, seasons and years, the face of big trees will change. However, in any case, big trees will return to the sun and thrive, which is exactly the idea of the gardener and the designer's deep feelings for the children. The ingenious patio design integrates the big trees to make the busy hall have a moment of natural time.

Daqun Su

Daqun · founder · partner, design director / founder, China design star, kindergarten design expert. Su Daqun graduated from Xi'an Academy of fine arts. He has more than 12 years of design management experience. At the same time, he focuses on the psychology and color psychology of 0-6-year-old infants. He is good at finding the focus of infants, accurately grasping the market demand, and comprehensively deepening the implementation and landing of design results.