IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- SILVER 

Design of Real Estate Sale Center

Changchun Longhu New City Mansion Sales Office


Changchun, due to its developed industrial level, is known as "Eastern Detroit". Walking around the city, you can easily feel the spirit of its atmosphere. From ancient times to the present, on the one hand, Changchun retains the traditional oriental cultural context, on the other hand, it shows the charm of modern new-type industrialized city.
The project is located in Nanguan District, Changchun City. If design feather fruit design fully complies with the urban temperament and takes charge of the soft and hard decoration design of the space, creating an aesthetic space unique to the city, so that visitors can feel the light of the city when they travel.


The whole space follows the one character dynamic line structure, and the space of different regions gradually advances, as if telling a story of seeing Nanshan through the clouds. The use of the technique of "restraining first and then lifting" makes the space feel "extremely narrow at first, then suddenly open". The design selects the Oriental freehand brushwork element of "landscape" and combines the western modern simple style to create a compound aesthetic feeling in the blending. Soft decoration design gives color to space, just like painting color on a pair of landscape painting left blank, which is full of vitality.
At the beginning of the hall, the story of search begins.
Landscape is an indispensable element in freehand Chinese painting. The top wall of the space is cut into a special triangle, which is a symbol of the mountain. The waterfalls in the corner of the space create a continuous stream of living water, which not only gives the space a vivid atmosphere, but also is the footnotes of Zhu Xi's spirit of "asking the canal to be so clear, only the source of flowing water".
Chandeliers hanging from the top of the wall, pictograph brush. The irregular art sculpture is just like the ink and wash strokes of the brush. The flow is free and leisurely. The warm yellow in the space lights up the landscape of the thousand years.
The simple lines and hard marble materials in the space echo the industrial temperament of Changchun.
The sand table area uses abstract lines to break the fetters of image meaning, and responds to the rationality and restraint of modern people with simplicity and cleanness. Multi wall space can meet the actual needs of product promotion and display location model.
The top of the wall is still cut into an obtuse triangle, like a long mountain range. The triangle cut at the top of the space echoes with the triangle at the bottom of the sand table table, and the whole space line is symmetrical and harmonious. The partition ratio of the wall conforms to the golden section ratio and pursues the beauty of design in the boundless silence. The material of the wall is made of moonlight beige, which makes it calm and warm.
The sandtable chandelier tilts slightly and pursues the delicate balance in the gravity imbalance. Sand table sculpture is like a large inkstone, with a rough texture. Through the large French windows, the figure sculpture seems to be gazing at the distant past and imagining the infinite possibility of the future. The flower art in the space and the green trees outside the window form a large and a small corresponding relationship, and nature and humanity are combined here.
The color coming from the negotiation area makes you happy at first sight. Let the search stay here and get a moment of poetic and satisfaction.
The art installation area in the middle of the space is equipped with boat shaped art installations and moss elements, which are fresh and rich in historical and cultural flavor. A dream of a thousand years, the ancient ship, sailing to a broader future.
The top of the space still continues the design of the front hall and sand table area. The straight lines in the space extend the space visually and produce a continuous state. The French windows on both sides make the space transparent and rich, which makes the indoor and outdoor connection. Sitting in the water bar, you can have your own time. The design of marble water bar shows a simple industrial feeling in simplicity. Flower art and art sculpture are exquisite art designs

If Design

Co founder, creative director & General Manager: Zhang Yu
Co founder, design director: Lu Shangfeng
Partner: Hardware Design Director: Zhang dianchen
Company website: http://www.ifdesign-sh.com
IF.DESIGN Feather fruit design always adheres to the concept of "aesthetics / life / rebirth". Constantly cross the border to ensure the forward-looking and innovative design. Respect customers' characteristics and cultural diversity, and inject never satisfied enterprising force into a better life.

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