IIDA Italy International Design Award

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Design of Mansion Villa

Architecture – Scattered space


Scattered space to meet the demands of three generations of families
A three story townhouse, in order to meet the living function of three generations, should not only have its own private and independent space, but also meet the family needs of communication and interaction. The designer broke the traditional layout, readjusted the internal structure of the building, created a more obvious level of scattered space, borrowed the method of linking space and nature in the building, reshaped the new dynamic relationship and lifestyle, enriched the level, and created a simple and fashionable living space with unique taste in the reinforced concrete city.


A string bar with music, food and wine is enough to make you linger. Meet Shenyang Xiangjie music string, give you a special dinner experience.
In my impression, it has always been a great thing. It is the warmth of the homeless and the distance of the settlers. We may have all had such a night, the chaos of the stalls, fireworks rising from the kebab, in the lively smell, we toasted, abandoned the real life, talked about life and ideal.
Walking into the music string of Xiang street is like being in a literary and artistic Holy Land isolated from the outside. The warm yellow light is just right, the subtle decoration and the interlaced lights are all full of romance.
When I saw the real photos, I felt very tall. There was wood on it. I wanted to take photos and punch in my friends circle. I even wanted to drink while drinking. Hi, there was Muyou in the morning?
Marine elements have always been the theme of string bar. The bar adopts the old boat wood model as the design element, and the restaurant is interspersed with large and small marine peripheral ornaments to echo the theme. The lighting and shadow of the creative wall lamps on both sides of the LED screen in the stage area present a spray shape, which makes diners in a light and shadow dining atmosphere, bringing different light and shadow experience. The overall lighting of the restaurant is mainly warm light. The warm color light source makes people feel warm, appetizing and comfortable. It can enhance customers' desire and appetite. It can create an atmosphere with spotlights, which can enhance the sense of hierarchy of space and enrich the visual space of restaurant design.
Dining area
Dining area, this space is a communication space, the main lighting setting is to achieve a relaxed and emotional atmosphere. Therefore, it adopts the combination of diffuse lighting and local lighting to create, bringing the overall soft light feeling, and then providing local key display for the artwork. The overall lighting adopts Candle Chandelier with hierarchical structure and unique aesthetic vision to light up the comfort and art of space.
In order to retain customers and create a better dining experience, catering practitioners must face the subject. Therefore, pinzhu design adds 3D holographic projection to the dining area design, so that diners can enjoy the delicious kebab and feel the wonderful three-dimensional visual feast at the same time. Considering that there will be lovely princesses as part of the tourist source, in order to attract more online celebrities to take photos, this space design is also very attentive. Exquisite purple tone chandelier and uneven ice strip lamp belt, creative glass chandelier in the water grass, Flower Foil appears more emotional.
Wine shelf area
The strong modern metal style of the champagne gold stainless steel wine rack is warmly welcomed by the fashionable people. With the use of the luminous light belt, this space has a little more fashion sense.
Feature of furnishings
Simulation green plants into this space, it looks so lifelike and charming, adding more artistic atmosphere to the space.

Designer: Shi Kui

Graduated from: Department of environmental art, Tianjin University of Technology
Working time: 15 years
Design concept: the design itself is not just the presentation of the work, but the designer's yearning for beautiful things and the display of feelings. Professional sentiment: management is more important than design, good management can have a strong team.
Award won: Hongxi cup Excellence Award in 2018
Red seal cup Excellence Award in 2019
Shortlisted for Jintang award in 2019
Travel experience -- Japan study tour in 2013
Study tour in Europe in 2014
Italian DPI study tour in 2019