IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Design of Villa Mansion

Warriors of the Wind


The ancients said: the system of building rooms, expensive fine not expensive beautiful, expensive novelty elegant, not expensive delicate and brilliant. In the decoration design, the courage to innovate, do not fall behind the old customs, leaving the natural beauty of frankness, go to the mark of axe and chisel, refined and refined from nature. Design is constantly moving forward, but in the past, there is always a force for designers to redefine these designs, so as to collide with elegant and flexible sparks.
On the one hand, the elegant and plain environment, the valley orchid, the old and the new are the core of the creation of the residence, creating an elegant little world between the square inches, washing the fatigue and pressure of urban life. The design gives up the pursuit of style and style, shows people in a minimalist way, condenses the simple and unadorned nature of life, and conforms to the design essence of the Oriental implicit inner show.


The designer turns the space into the life bearing the creation, and a touch of red is the curtain of the space, which opens a trace of astonishment for the senses. Color looks bright, generous, so that the whole space to open, tolerant extraordinary bearing, let people not show any embarrassment. With the composition and presentation of contemporary aesthetic style, it highlights the beauty of artistic conception under the design strokes. The sofa in the living room contains countless times of irritability, depression and loss. The green in the corner gives infinite relaxed and happy. Every day here, a new mood is put on to welcome the family. A red touch wakes up the gloomy years. A touch of green freshens the whole world, such as a breeze, and is full of pleasure. From the sunrise red bright to mottled zero light, in the marble floor reflection, from the eye into the heart, from the heart to the dream. When the eyes are not distracted, silence is better than sound, and love becomes an eternal fragment in details.
The design structure and proportion of the living room is rigorous. With the help of neat lines and the collocation of stone and wood, it presents the aesthetic feeling of interwoven sight. It not only contains the cultural heritage of modern Chinese style, but also reflects the modern popular fashion elements. The furniture forms different levels of combination through different materials and muscles, which is the perfect integration of retro and trend, and the essence of every detail Carved carefully, all exude romantic, fresh and comfortable elegant temperament and style.
Walk through, a hundred years of glory, can not take away is the eternal classic. The ancient marble texture is full of futurism. The lines of light are silent between black and white. The collision between retro and fashion is the most brilliant thought spark of designers. People's experience of life originated from the yearning for natural art. The design combines daily life and philosophy, interprets modern Chinese poetry and charm in a quiet and elegant style, creates vitality and order, and constructs the artistic and emotional aesthetic posture of living space.
Through the creation of the space atmosphere, the residents can deeply resonate with the space emotion, which is quiet and calm, sparse and dense, intimate and intermittent. The face will grow old, but the four seasons will not stop. When the gorgeous leaves fall, the vein of life can be clearly seen.
Red is like the past time, deep memory of the deep segment, this wipe Zhuyan surprised your time?

Designer : Li Tao

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