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Italy International Design Award 2024

SOLANA renewal

SOLANA renewal
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Commercial Space


SOLANA is a commercial mall in Beijing now undertaking a major refurbishment program consisting on a series of widespread interventions of different kind and size. Italian design studio RAMOPRIMO will be in charge for developing the whole intervention strategy, which will involve a total of around 5000 m² of public areas throughout the mall. Main goal for the renewal project is to upgrade all public spaces, updating the classical feeling of SOLANA to a more contemporary look, yet keeping a connection to the historical mall’s Visual Identity. The project developed by RAMOPRIMO will include info desks, public toilettes, entrance passageways and corridors, access areas from basement, escalator lobbies and other additional public spaces. New areas for public will be created out of unused scattered spaces of the mall, which will be made accessible again through the definition of new openings, entrances corridor and passageways in the old existing layout; other services like waiting areas or bathrooms will be added to improve the customers’ experience. The goal is to made the new interventions become an integrated part of the mall, which will themselves constitute an experience to enjoy. The new small spaces will be dotting the mall and will be recognizable by the introduction and use of new materials: wood and copper colored steel, soft wall washers and lighting lines, smooth shapes and arched passageways to add a touch of warm yet playful atmosphere.


RAMOPRIMO is a design practice based in Beijing. Our team is composed by Italian and Chinese architects from different background with interests ranging from art and social practices to the fields of architecture, master planning, landscape and interior design. The studio has a deep experience working and designing projects on different scales starting from analyzing surveys for each site and proposing cutting-edge sustainable strategies that conjugate the social with the built environment, attentive planning with development of local communities, old heritage with contemporary needs.
At the same time, in parallel with the design practice, Ramoprimo is involved in the Instant Hutong project investigating contemporary process of rapid urbanization in China. The project is an art research program with a focus on the relationship between social aspects of daily life in Chinese cities and rural areas, creating art installations and organizing events where the contemporary will meet the old cultural heritage. This multi-disciplinary approach to our work helps us to consider every architectural project from a wider and creative point of view, providing unexpected and original solutions.

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