IIDA Award Italy 2022

Zhuhai Poly Property Oil Times Square Model Room C And andLarge Flat Floor Club Soft Decoration Project
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Decoration Display


The Zhuhai Poly CNPC Times Square project is located in the Free Trade Zone of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to Macau and across the river from Macau. The establishment of the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao Bridge has made Zhuhai an emerging economic hub connecting Hong Kong and Macau to several major coastal cities. Retreat in the elegant landscape of mountains and rivers, close to the prosperous city, demonstrating the luxurious and introverted humanity and the restraint of the palace. Living here, you can enjoy tranquility and prosperity at the same time, indulge yourself in the glitz and maintain a heart that is not concealed by the glitz.
This project is positioned as a functional holiday club, with unique architectural personality and spatial sequence characteristics, based on local geographic characteristics, and people-oriented, creating a high-quality leisure space. With pure and natural simplicity, it interprets modern expressions. The soft decoration design is unfolded with a fresh marine culture, combined with the architectural residence.

Design by FUSHI