IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Leisure and Entertainment


We use the difference and heterogeneity derived from reproducibility and expressiveness to create an image of interaction and imagination. Without restrictions, what kind of state the space can present, a person who lives according to his own way and understanding, will design the space through real daily life. The connection between "people and things" is the most special and moving. We combine the eclectic and harmonious interior with exquisite designs from the past. The design feature is to explore modern minimalism and hide the sense of the future in sophisticated design ideas.

Design by KIncredible

Internationalized interior and architectural overall planning and design services. Combining contemporary aesthetic concepts with multiple and deconstructed design concepts to create every new aesthetic paradigm. Research on space design is tending to break through the boundaries of traditional space design, using the three-way integration of vision, architecture, and space to challenge and interpret the traditional space design field. Committed to the active interaction between space and experience, details, materials, modeling and lighting, rather than simply following the patterned copy style. Each project design creates a unique space story through a unique spatial experiential interpretation technique. Through the spatial sense of architectural aesthetics, it starts from the sensory experience of people's design creation, and creativity touches the heart of the space.

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