IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

COHL Suzhou Exhibition Center

COHL Suzhou Exhibition Center
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Leisure and Entertainment


Designers first start with sketches and illustrations to find space inspiration, and implant a "childlike innocence" into everyone's heart while meeting the necessary marketing needs. With the deepening of the sketch, the initial concept of "block" has gradually evolved into "Castle". In this wonderful castle full of candy bubbles, the designer has created different space themes to express the understanding of space and color, and injected fresh soul and vitality into the whole space.
The entrance is a huge glass curtain wall facade, which is very challenging for the design of the entrance. After repeated deliberation, the designer gets inspiration from the icing on the dessert and uses the floor height advantage to create a "icing Castle" facade with fantastic color, and establishes a huge "bubble spitting phonograph" art device according to the illustration design.
The starting point leading to the negotiation area divides adults and children. Children can reach the playground through a small door hole, while adults go to the colorful negotiation area. Along the way, children and adults look at each other from their own perspectives. Maybe they yearn for the other world, but their own world is still wonderful and gorgeous at the moment.

Design by BENJAI

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