IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Zhengzhou Jiuruyi Private Residence

Professional Award  ,

Design of

Zhengzhou Jiuruyi Private Residence


It’s all about function.

Design starts with a variety of functional requirements. With the client to discuss the need for a variety of complex life scenes, such as parties, meals, naps, movies, learning, rest and so on. Then analyze and organize, and then list the various functions needed to achieve these scenes, storage, cooking, shower, organizing, lighting, ventilation, or lighting, etc. ; or clutter, or regularity, or contradiction. But these are very important, it decided the rationality that the later esthetics design exists in the space.

Building spatial relationships.

There are two premises in constructing spatial relationship: one is the relationship between human behavior and space. The member relationship and life style of people in the space decide the shape and scale of the space, the curve of the form, the length and width of the scale, the distance and width of the moving line. Second, the relationship between each function and space. At the same time, the function of the space to meet the integrity, integrity, and aesthetic requirements. The core of the relationship of space structure is decided by the behavior of the space owner, so the space temperament and the person temperament should complement each other and influence each other.

Pointing to the spirit of aesthetics.

The aesthetic presentation of space is expressed through form and color. Spatial form is expressed through the simplest elements to build a spatial form, creating an extreme, simple, pure sense of space. Let it reflect the owner of the space experienced ups and downs of life circumstances after the people of a kind of de-material state of mind, to remove the secular vision of the material form, into a less and more precise spiritual space, set off people’s self-discipline and the pursuit of the ultimate sense of purity. In terms of color, we choose the most special color in color-white. Richard. White is organic, Elana Meyer said, and it contains all the colors of the rainbow at different times. A white surface enhances the effect of light and shadow, the void and the solid above it, and it enhances our sense of our surroundings. Any kind of color all comes from White, so white can harmonize any kind of color, at the same time heavy color in the space embellishment will let the space change from white depth two-dimensional space to multi-dimensional space. So we chose black, red, orange and gray to show its different temperament in different use scenarios. At the same time a large area of white interior walls, a simple window frame as the introduction of the outdoor landscape picture frame, and the resulting light and shadow also form the interior dynamic picture.


The original design.

Every project should be designed to meet the needs of the client. Each excellent design work, the client should also be the main body and the biggest contributor, is she gave us full trust, support, understanding, her own self-cultivation and aesthetic also decided the height of the project and the completion of the landing.

Design by Han Feng

Han Feng is now a partner of Zhengzhou Weihewei Architectural Decoration Design Co. , Ltd. . He has studied design for 15 years and has always been committed to the design industry. He believes that through the power of design, he can help others improve the use environment, in order to contribute to the overall social environment change. At the same time, we believe that learning is endless and we will keep on learning to provide better design service for Party A. Design Concept: believe that all things are spiritual, respect the rationality of the existence of things, respect the multifaceted nature of each thing. We believe that function is the most important and the main road is the most simple aesthetic attitude, so that space people and people, people and things, things and things are linked together harmoniously to create a great beauty of organic space.

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