IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

YangZhou PinZun International Garden no.15 villa

YangZhou PinZun International Garden no.15 villa
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Villa Space


A home is not a brick by tile, not a house, but a container for family affection, a cradle filled with care, a harbor to dispel tiredness, and a place where we live. This project is a double-floor villa with one basement level and three floors above ground. There is a separate outdoor garden, which can lock the green in every corner of the yard. The reasonable splicing of the elderly room, living room and parlor not only ensures a certain degree of privacy, but also connects each other, which is appropriate and perfect. The design of this project is mainly based on the residence of the parents. The owner and children will come to live on weekends. Taking into account the residence of the parents, the wood color can better create a warm living space, so the Zen style homestay style is the first choice. The design of natural wood color can make the interior look transparent and bright, and also very refreshing, and living for a long time will not cause aesthetic fatigue.

Design by Lin Xiangchu

Possess rich design experience, have the ability to understand high-quality life, professional technical skills and excellent communication skills, pay attention to the grasp of function, style and spatial structure, and can reasonably decompose spatial functions under the premise of understanding the different needs of customers , The material is optimized, and the space can be perfectly presented through the way of artistic shaping.

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