IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Yangjiang Hailing Island Beiluo Secret Land Luoyue Hotel

Yangjiang Hailing Island Beiluo Secret Land Luoyue Hotel
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Hotel Space


Luoyue hotel sits on the long ecological coastline in western Guangdong, which is comparable to the resort in Greece. Won the 21st China Golden Horse Award. It is a coastal resort destination integrating tourism, leisure vacation, delicious seafood and maritime entertainment.
As one of the ten most beautiful islands in China, Hailing Island has idyllic scenery like a paradise and cultural customs full of fisherman culture. Grass wrapped in the fragrance of soil; Neat and orderly, like ridges waiting for farmers to review; The industrious figure of sunrise and sunset in the field; Green bricks and grey tiles full of years; From far to near, or virtual or real mountains... The sea looms, accompanied by the fisherman's spark in the eye of the bright moon... A charming and vibrant fishing boat singing night is played one by one. The design creativity of this case is extracted from the local culture and fully integrated into the hotel lobby and restaurant space. It is planned to build the hotel into a tourist card of Hailing Island and arouse tourists' desire to explore Hailing Island, which is the core concept in the design concept.

Design by Guangzhou Yipai Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Adhering to the design concept of respecting nature from avenue to simplicity, GAO HUI has been engaged in interior design for 19 years, and its design works cover houses, hotels, restaurants, clubs, real estate marketing centers, museums, etc

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