IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Villa Space


The American writer and philosopher Thoreau once said: I am willing to plunge deeply into life, suck up the bones of life, live a solid and simple life, and get rid of everything that is not part of life cleanly. The work "East Rhyme" also wants to convey the beautiful concept of life that needs to be slowed down to experience life. It restores the most beautiful way of life of the ancient Chinese with the design concept of Zen, comfort and nature. It not only expresses the oriental aesthetics from the interior design, but more importantly, it integrates the modern lifestyle into the whole design to create a high-end, elegant, delicate and considerate home life. The design of the living room shows the charm of the new Chinese style. The central sofa layout and the full-wall floor-to-ceiling view make the field of vision unrestrained. Wooden materials are used for doors, windows, and lighting, and antique sofas are matched with coffee tables. The sofa combines fabric and wood, with pillows and various ornaments, which perfectly combines ancient and modern styles. Enriched the level of space on the whole. The restaurant adopts a continuous design, showing the spatial relationship between the meal and the kitchen through a porch. Even the simple decorative flowers and ancient-style murals are designed to create a sensory feast of moving and different sceneries. The design of the study room is full of Chinese style, with flowing classical space charm throughout. With the Jiangnan water village as the background, it gives people a unique artistic conception and a slightly high-level taste, and uses traditional cultural elements to get close to nature with post-modern design techniques, showing a simple and rich oriental connotation. The design of the bedroom adopts the elegance of traditional classical style, and at the same time incorporates modern elements, presenting stylish features. The color matching is mainly based on the stable side, brown and beige tones are used at the base to pave the way for an elegant and low-key atmosphere. In terms of soft furnishing, too many luxurious decorations are not used. The elegant background wall enriches the cultural heritage of the space and also named the theme of the new Chinese style. The lines are symmetrical, and the space is regular and atmospheric. The space is clearly divided by glass, and the golden metal strips are used as the finishing touch to make the bathroom separate from wet and dry. The transparent texture of the glass makes the bathroom more luxurious.

Design by Chen Chunjiang

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