IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Catering Service


théATRE tea pastry project in Sanlitun Taikooli is characterized by a strong architectural approach. Layout is organized like an opera theatre, with a central axis of symmetry along which all elements are organized. The main bar is in the center surrounded by platforms where customers can sit. In the background of the main space, to hide kitchen and cake lab, a curve yellow wall is conceived as a curtain, on the sides of which waiters go in and out as if they were actors crossing the theatrical stage. A slight inclination of ceiling accentuates the scenographic effects of the perspective, with a round impressive backlit skylight dominating the ceiling and suggesting the feeling of being under a large glazed vault.
The long counter in grey artificial stone contains all main bar functions and exposed displays with a wide choice of fresh pastries to choose from. At the end of the bar a special round table offers a stage for tea ceremony right under the skylight.

Along the side walls, two seating areas are raised up on one-step platforms, to evoke the idea of being seated on theater's stalls. Yellow leather-like covers have been used for all built-in customized benches, while loose chairs and stools by HAY are matching the overall color scheme of grey yellow and white. Main walls feature a finishing of white glossy 3dimensional bubble bumped ceramic tiles from Italian brand IMOLA, and lenticular site-specific artworks by INSTANT HUTONG, inspired by théATRE patterns are resembling 12 circular blue portholes overlooking the sky.
The view of visitors is attracted to the back wall, painted yellow softly fading into grey, where five special sofas are allocated into semi-circular shaped niches. Kitchen, service spaces and cake lab are placed right behind, partially visible from customers who can have a look from side corridors and check the quality of the pastry preparation process. The facade of the shop shows also strong scenographic qualities and some dynamic movement. Doors and show windows have been set back to create generous spaces for cake and sweetie displays, characterized by curved glass which embrace and welcome customers to enter. Care of customers, well being and the pleasure of quality life-style are the general feeling expressed by the project.
year: 2021
location: Taikooli, Beijing Sanlitun
function tea shop, café and pastry bakery
area: 200 m²
design by RAMOPRIMO architects Marcella Campa,Stefano Avesani project team Zhao Xinyi , Giacomo Squaquara, Wang WenWen ,Huo Ran furniture RAMOPRIMO, Hay wall tiles Imola client
photographer Marcella Campa


RAMOPRIMO is a design practice based in Beijing. Our team is composed by Italian and Chinese architects from different background with interests ranging from art and social practices to the fields of architecture, master planning, landscape and interior design. The studio has a deep experience working and designing projects on different scales starting from analyzing surveys for each site and proposing cutting-edge sustainable strategies that conjugate the social with the built environment, attentive planning with development of local communities, old heritage with contemporary needs.
At the same time, in parallel with the design practice, Ramoprimo is involved in the Instant Hutong project investigating contemporary process of rapid urbanization in China. The project is an art research program with a focus on the relationship between social aspects of daily life in Chinese cities and rural areas, creating art installations and organizing events where the contemporary will meet the old cultural heritage. This multi-disciplinary approach to our work helps us to consider every architectural project from a wider and creative point of view, providing unexpected and original solutions.

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