IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Sion-ocean Jingsong Yunjing

Sion-ocean Jingsong Yunjing
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Soft Decoration


The overall design of hard and soft decoration in this case is relatively integrated. The curved line elements used on the large surface bring the outdoor landscape into the interior, and forest green is used as the main color to inject vitality into the space. The designer took inspiration from "Alice in Wonderland", and started the magical journey of space design with the magnificent dream of a little girl. With the footsteps of chasing dreams, the soft natural colors make people feel like they are in a secret forest; the design arrangement of the space gives you a rich experience like a magic box; finally, in the infinite dream built by the designer, you can find yourself , to achieve inner freedom.

Design by Shaobin Yang

ZOBEN DESIGN Focusing on indoor space planning, soft decoration, art display and other businesses, we have been committed to providing "one-stop" design services for high-end real estate, commercial space, and high-rise private houses for 14 years. Through in-depth analysis and research on the environment and space, we understand customers' needs, adhere to the design concept of taking the origin of human settlements as the starting point, integrating the East and the West, displaying the art aesthetics of space, and building a better life, Create high-end original personalized space furnishings aesthetic design. The company's projects are all over the country. For many years, it has been developing together with well-known domestic real estate development enterprises, and helped the project value achievement with artistic space decoration.

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