IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Fashion Designer’s House

Fashion Designer’s House
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Soft Decoration


The project is a small apartment of 72 square meters in Nanjing. As a female fashion designer's work and living place, use red cabinets and blue flooring in the whole space; The intense colors in contrast to achieve balance and coordination; this is a very individual fashion designer's work and living space, fashionable, romantic, and passionate. In addition, the classic and stylish black rotating steel ladder and retro sofa seats are full of a forceful sense of modernity.

Design by Gaolong

Senior Interior Designer
2021-2022 Most Influential Designer in China's Building Decoration Industry
2022 The 4th New Design List. China Innovative Design Person of the Year
2009 The 2nd China Top 10 Accessories Designers
2008 East China Region Top Ten Accessories Designers
2008 The 4th Shanghai Top Ten Outstanding Young Interior Designers
2008 China Interior Design Elite Award

Founder/Design Director of Shanghai Yicai Design Co., Ltd.
1998-2010 Teacher, College of Art and Design, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
International Professional Member of IIDA (Interior Design Association of America)
Member of IFI International Federation of Interior Designers/Interior Architects
Director of Shanghai Designers Working Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce
Senior Members-CEIDA - China Europe International Designer Association
Member of Institute of interior design architectural society of China
Member of the Interior Design Committee of China Interior Decoration Society

Professional Activities

Jury member of "EGGER Cup" Custom Home Design Competition in 2018
Judge of Daikin Interior Design Competition 2015
Jury member of Daikin Interior Design Competition 2014
2009 Daikin Interior Design Competition Judge
2009.08 Ultimate Decoration - China Accessory Design Summit Forum (Shanghai)
2008.10 City! Awareness - 2008 Contemporary Elite Designers Group Exhibition (Shenzhen)
2008.04 Guest speaker of the 5th "Four Cats" Design Salon of Modern Decoration
2005.12 China (Shenzhen) International Interior Design Art Week and Modern Decoration 20th Anniversary Celebration
2002.03 Editorial board member of the 21st century China's higher art colleges and universities art and design teaching classic large series

International Awards

2022World Architecture Community Awards 42nd Cycle
2022World Architecture Community Awards 41nd Cycle
2022 Architecture & Design Collection Awards –Gold Awards
2022American Muse Design One Platinum Award
2022 American Muse Design Two Gold Awards
2022 International Residential Architecture Awards Grand Prize
2022 New York Design Awards Silver Award
2022 Eduwik Award for Architectural Excellence First Prize
2022 Eduwik Award for Architectural Excellence, Third Prize
2022 The Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) Honorable Mention
2022 LOOP Design Awards Honorable Mention in Commercial Category (Portugal)
2022 Silver Award, 4th IDPA International Pioneer Design Awards, Japan
2022 Pioneer Award of the 4th Japan IDPA International Pioneer Design Awards
2022 Italy International Design Award for Innovation
2022 Finalist, FX Magazine Design Awards (UK)
2022 Finalist, WIN Design News Award (UK)

Domestic Awards

2012 "Lighting Weekly Cup" China Lighting Application Design Competition Shanghai Winner
2011 Top Ten Design Team of the Year in the First Shanghai Design New Force
2010 Shanghai Ninth Architectural Decoration Design Competition Model House Design Second Prize
2009 China Interior Design Competition Excellence Award
2008 China Interior Design Biennale Award of Excellence
2008 Sohu 5th "Venable Cup" Interior Design Star Blogger Competition National Finals Silver Award in Professional Group
2008 Shanghai 7th Architectural Decoration Design Competition Model Room Design First Prize
2007 Shanghai Sixth Architectural Decoration Design Competition Model Room Design First Prize
2007 "Golden Bund Award" Best Living Space Nomination Award
2007 FERICHI Cup "Interior Elite Designer" Competition Third Prize
2000 China Interior Design Competition Excellence Award
2000 China Interior Design Competition Best Work Award
1999 China Interior Design Award Honorable Mention

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