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Italy International Design Award 2024

The Pure Life Of The Oriental Japanese Style

The Pure Life Of The Oriental Japanese Style
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Residential Space


FORTE project is located in Fudi Ludao D apartment, Dadonghai, Jiyang District, Sanya city, Hainan Province. It has five bedrooms, two living rooms and four bathrooms. The total construction area is about 293 square meters. About 270° deck-style sky courtyard, 3.5-4.2m deep deck-style broad view balcony, overlooking the extreme sea view.
North and south transparent board house, facing the sea, in view of the unique geographical position of the peninsula, presents a better view of the ocean, but also better to avoid the ocean monsoon frontal invasion. Design according to owner request, style and adornment go on whole Oriental Japanese style, with solid wood plank already succinate and refined sweet human world is changed.
Design specification
Yingfeng and Gufeng in the book of The Shi King said "If the river is deep, it must be crossed by a rafting boat." ——"Fang zheng bu e" means the man has moral integrity . The pronunciation of "fang zheng" means square. The beauty of "fang zheng" , visual symmetry balance, sensory harmony echo.In traditional Confucianism .The doctrine of the mean said, "Not moving is middle,not changing is normal." ——"zhi yuan shou fang" means respect the ideas of others and do not impose your own views on others. The pronunciation of "Fang yuan " means square and circle . Should be combined with the square of the aesthetic idea of degree, bring different space interest. The left side of the entrance is the coherent space of a dining room and living room. For the coherence of the space, the same material color was selected. On the functional distinction, the sitting room chose the shape of straight line square and symmetrical, while the dining room chose the table of the rock plank with round arc shape chair.
On the right side is a white wall with more space to play. We choose the symbol "gen" in the five elements and eight diagrams as the laminated structure to show the Japanese cultural ornaments that the owner likes. To these a few bedrooms, the choice on color must be more controlled, most fundamental key is white and log color, the colour such as color of local collocation creaminess, coffee, let a person feel the heart is calm while, have a kind of feeling that returns to nature more. Whole living space slants yellow warm color illuminant, can let atmosphere immediately quiet plain rise. Plain furniture and square space lines formed artistic style. The soft bed color match is in harmony with natural materials and textures, combined with the French Windows, the room is spacious and bright, full of light, plus neutral bright colors to create a warm atmosphere.
Japanese space design's pursuit of the relationship between nature and humanity makes life simple and fresh. It is like being in the forest. Under the decoration of soft decoration details, humanistic design comes to you. Looking forward to seeing the sleeping city and seeing the creeping dawn on the eastern horizon open up to greet the dawn.

Design by Juicy House Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Hainan Tingmeiyiju International Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2016. Specializing in soft decoration project design.Nowadays,the company has 8 professional interior designers . The main services are interior design & accessories, display design, landscape design. The company has unique design concept and vast engineering experience, good ability to comprehend, unique expression techniques. We can provide owners with comprehensive quality services. Juicy , CEO and chief designer of the company, has won the "GPDP Award" international design AWARD of the French double-face god in 2020. The designer team includes outstanding talents from Cambridge, the United States, Italy, France and Japan who have returned from overseas for further study.

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