IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

RK Properties Beijing – ROYAL YARD Sales Center

RK Properties Beijing – ROYAL YARD Sales Center
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales

IIDA-2021-RK Properties Beijing • ROYAL YARD Sales Center-17


Design description │ “Outside the ritual sequence, inside the high gate, no gate instrument, not the family." At the beginning of the design, the designer explored the context of Orientalism, according to local conditions, and launched a gorgeous feast of Oriental ritual and modern design with simplified contemporary design language. From a modern aesthetic perspective, we explore the contemporary expression of Chinese heritage. The reception hall adopts an open space to pay tribute to the Chinese idea of ritual sequence with symmetrical beauty. As a functional exhibition space, the sand table area continues the essence of ancient Chinese palace architecture in the design techniques, which is cleverly simplified by combination of the color language of Oriental red color. The artistic device above the sand table correspond with Phoenix wings, like a shining sun, leaning to fly, soaring upward. The wall art installation evolved from Marcello Morandini’sart works. From light to dark, light and shadow are cut between the squares. By using the progressive light and shade relations of natural light, presenting a sense of rhythm of "seeing flowers is not flowers, seeing flowers is flowers"visually. Between the vertical and horizontal squares of the wall, the light flows like water waves, showing a soft and hazy beauty. In the booth area of the negotiation area, the traditional birch egg technology is re- performed with modern architectural modeling, and the area is re-divided. Echoing the sand table wall art installation, the square foundation design of the whole block makes the space language complete and unified, and the square planning is full of a sense of order. Through innovative design techniques to interpret the Chinese hospitality reflects the Chinese history and culture of etiquette. Gentlemen know each other, treat each other with courtesy, and intersect like water. Stand with ceremony and break boundaries of life. Ritual order and noble coexistence with dignity, light luxury and art coexist. We try to combine ritual culture with modern design art to create a new villa house with both use experience and cultural beauty, and achieve a breakthrough in design.

Design by Shanghai For More Interior Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

professional design agency focusing on interior design, soft decoration engineering, and design consulting services. The company is committed to creating high-level design products and providing high-quality design services; currently the company has in-service designers There are 21 people, including 2 design directors and 1 soft decoration director. There are two hard decoration design groups and one soft decoration design execution group. We have a solid design foundation and design management standards. We are full of love and passion for design. We believe that design will create the future. We understand that the careful planning of the team can bring true extraordinary quality. Before founding the company, the partners of the company came from world-renowned design institutions such as Liang Zhitian and HID/DIA, with more than ten years of design and management experience; "innovation, self-discipline, diligence, perseverance", I believe we will be for every owner Provide more high-quality and effective design services...

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