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Italy International Design Award 2024

Qushuifenghe Project

Qushuifenghe Project
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales


There are high mountains, lush woods and bamboos here, as well as streams and brooks, reflecting the left and right sides, which are regarded as flowing rivers. Sitting by it, you may enjoy the charm of its tranquility while drinking and singing though there is no music instrument such as flutes and Zheng.
-The Orchid Pavilion
A city is the epitome of a period in the past. History is handed down by literatures and poems. A city is famous for its history and culture.
Chongqing, surrounded by mountains and rivers, is benefited by the topography. In the theme of mountains and rivers, it is built as a land of stylish life of modern times enriched by artistic installations, humanistic culture, spatial layout, functional dynamic lines, concrete and abstract designs, realistic and freehand brushwork, and the light and shadow.
"The pool is in the shape of a nine-curve, leading a river of clear water to flow. The exotic rocks and valleys is tranquil with ancient trees.
Inspired by the winding path of Qushui and the laminated texture of rock valleys, the architect condensed them into bundles of natural "lines", and carved out the "clear rock valleys and towering ancient trees" in the internal space of the project through the transformation of design elements on the stone and wood veneers.
The architect even captured the fine and sunny threads, giving the mountain rocks ups and downs of rain and shine and gently pushing layers of ripples on the lake, to give day and night different spatial expressions.

Why did Wang Xizhi's "Qu Shui Liu Shang" become the most respected aesthetic lifestyle in Wei and Jin Dynasties and even later generations? Why did the flowing cup pool attract celebrities and scholars of all ages to engrave poems and articles, which have been recorded by history?
The architect believes that "in the elegant and quiet landscape, the pursuit of spiritual enjoyment of poetry, etiquette and music is the highest expression of the relationship between man and nature to beauty and has never changed."
Taking the liubei pond as the design origin and taking the leisurely, elegant, free and natural spiritual core of the ancient elegant collection of "Qu Shui Liu Shang", a brand-new interpretation and re-creation of the liubei pond are carried out from the form and function, and the winding flowing river water and the scene of free life in nature are evolved into specific design and integrated into this field with rich natural and human resources.

Design by Wei Luo

The founder Luo Wei has 16 years of design experience. As a young designer of Sunac Real Estate, his representative works have repeatedly won domestic and foreign design awards.

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