IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

PEIJIE HOT-POT Catering Space Design(YUELAI)

PEIJIE HOT-POT Catering Space Design(YUELAI)
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Catering Service


The flagship store of Sister Pei Yuelai is the cooperation store of Sister Pei Lao Hotpot and Yue Lai Exhibition Group. It is the largest of Sister Pei’s stores in the country, with a total area of close to 1,400 square meters. Both parties hope to retain the authentic cultural temperament of Sister Pei, but also to join Yuelai's traditional cultural spirit. The customer base that Yuelai flagship store faces are mainly exhibitors and guests who hold various conferences and exhibitions at Yuelai every year. We must bring the authentic Chongqing old hot pot that represents Chongqing to Yuelai. Chongqing hot pot is spicy and delicious.
How can we excavate Yuelai’s culture, transform it into contemporary language and integrate it into the space, and then point to the connection between aesthetics and deliciousness. Because Mr. Yu Guangzhong's "Homesickness" refers to the Yuelaichang in Chongqing, where he lived for 7 years when he was a teenager, so we decided on homesickness as the theme of this store. So we used modern illustration methods to determine the main color of the illustration to be the hot red that echoes the red sister Pei. We have unobtrusively modernized the theme of homesickness, echoing each other with large-scale pictures and large-scale written words. And we tried to combine the delicate nostalgia with the warmth of food in a primitive and crude way to make the space form a kind of charm.

Passing through the Chinese-style gate, the relief in the foyer is the Chaotianmen Wharf in the old Chongqing period, as well as the picture of the old Chongqing, the place name of the old Chongqing. "Near Yue and Far Lai" is the slogan of Yuelai Group. We hope that people close by will be happy because of the delicious food, and people from afar will come when they hear the news.
The entire space is connected by lanterns, making the kitchen bright and clean. In Chongqing, hot pot is blooming everywhere, and the only rich is sister Pei. Looking through the hanging lanterns and reading the culture that Sister Pei wants to output on the lanterns, customers vaguely see the architectural features of Chongqing's stilted buildings and the cultural characteristics of a city of mountains and waters. The whole space is wrapped in red and nostalgic warmth, and rough blue bricks. In the constant collision of rough and delicate, modern and traditional, delicious and hot, enjoy sister Pei’s old hot pot!

Design by JIANG BO

Director of Taihe Space
Established in 2015, is a professional company engaged in the interior design of public spaces. The design concept of T&H is to use advanced keen eyesight and outstanding broad vision, relying on profound cultural heritage and rich artistic connotation, according to the strategic purpose and expected goal of the owner’s investment and construction, to tailor-made poetic romance, unique style, and layout. Reasonable and accurate public space. The company's design purpose is to use poetic brushes to let the various needs and feelings of the owners flourish in the space.

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