IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Investment Zhanjiang Roofing Model Room

Investment Zhanjiang Roofing Model Room
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Model Room


There are roughly two mainstream design thoughts in modernist design. One is to follow a fixed theme, with which as the core the overall idea is developed. The visual effect of such train of thought is extremely harmonious, unified and balanced, particularly suitable as a design plan for permanent residence. The other design thought, however, is to create a pair of opposing viewpoints, i.e. furnishing a limited space with "opposing" or even "conflicting" concepts, thereby creating a sense of visual contrast. The visual effect of such thought has a comparatively greater impact and a comparatively higher artistic quality, and thus possesses a stronger sense of youth and vigor, rendering it pretty popular among young people. And this project is exactly an interior design work characterized by "opposition".
The opposite design of the living room lies in "oneness" and "deconstruction". Oneness is reflected in the ground layout: soft decoration equipment in a simple and plump style, and a configuration with a complementary effect between the more and the less, between dark and light colors, one in the other, forming a sense of oneness like Tai Chi in the space of several square meters. Deconstruction lies in the lighting design. By breaking, superimposing, and reorganizing the image of nature, the designer "smashed" the fixed light source into glistening light of waves, creating an unstable visual texture. The integration and coexistence of fragmentary images and contemporary minimalism bring about an artistic resonance and a visual shock.

The opposite design of the dining room is embodied in the combination of squares and circles. The classic combination of a round table and dining chairs corresponds to the slender but straight pendant lamp as well as the horizontal and vertical linear structure of the entire space. Of course, in addition to the design, the designer has also reserved enough space in the dining room to facilitate communication among family members and satisfy to the greatest extent the owner's need to hold family banquets and dinners.
In the section of the landscaped balcony, the designer ungraded it in concept-upgrading a balcony into a private viewing platform. Its opposition lies in "intensity" and "softness": Intensity is in the magnificent natural scenery outside the balcony, whereas "softness" is in the delicate and modest low tables and sofas in plain but elegant colors, which were carefully selected by the designer in order to reduce the size and weaken the visual appeal.
Unlike public areas, the theme of "opposition" in each bedroom can be seen from the design of light and shadow. The headboard in the master bedroom flows like a keyboard, adding some elegance and exquisiteness to the space. The comfortable sofa for rest and the velvet bedding in Western elegance fuse together via a strong sense of color art. Whether it is lit by the outside natural light during the daytime or by the inside lighting at night, the light and shadow in the room are just like classic movie frames. The design of other bedrooms, such as the elders' room and the girls' room, continues the simplicity and high quality of the overall space. Meanwhile, the combination and selection of materials and colors are aimed at matching the personalities of the owners of different spaces. The elders' room is simple, elegant, and tranquil in the atmosphere; teeming with flower fragrance and decorated with photo frames, the girls' room is fancy and sweet; filled with designer toys and records, the boys' room shows a great vitality.

Design by Shanghai Puli Architectural Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD

Puli Design is an industry-leading innovation-driven design company of spatial aesthetics founded in 2008 that focuses on providing sales department, model houses, hotel clubs and high-end private residences with one-stop customization services of quality and efficiency. We own a large number of experienced and professional designers who have diverse aesthetics and inclusiveness to enrich works with beauty and creativity, communicate more with clients, provide design schemes efficiently and pursue the best design effect.

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