IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Model Room


Different designs, different stories. Design is technology and skill, but also belief and philosophy... We live in a multi-faceted world, with different viewing positions in different directions, and different designs can be produced from different points of a home.
The starting conditions of the project are very mediocre. It is not big or small, and of course it is not too small for an ordinary 4-room house. Disproportionately, the living room is smaller, and it is not a wide room where the new generation of products on the market stay. The kitchen is very small and not easy to use. The difficulty came out, how to maintain a balance between practicality and comfort, while breaking the pattern. We stop and experience architecture and space on site. The noon light came in and gave inspiration and direction. A space with a small area and too many partitions are its biggest constraints and must be broken. A room facing south was cancelled, and room 4 was turned into room 3. The broken space merges with the living room, giving more concentration of light and better participation in indoor family activities. With large floor-to-ceiling windows and a large living room, we know that this is the correct answer to the question

The main line of the design is clear in an instant, and nature and light are the soul of the whole design. Wood veneer and natural marble materials not only embody the high-quality veneer, but also emphasize to future users that there is no excessive decoration because the indoor space is just a refuge for people to experience nature. We need to communicate more with light and nature.

Design by AC Studio

之晏设计(AC Studio)由昌影女士于2016年6月在上海创立,是一家年轻且充满活力的公司。公司主要服务于包括:阳光城、金隅、建发、融信、路劲、置地等国内各大地产公司、企业办公室及高端私宅客户。

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