IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Catering Service


God-the one who extends all things,
Light-the one who gives birth to all things,
Essence-the one who holds all things,
Chi-the one who runs everything,
Water-the one who nurtures all things...

Design by QIN BAN(TINA)

Design is a kind of mental effort. Life is the core of design, and life spreads out because of the beauty of life. From the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind to perceive color, sound, fragrance, taste, touch, dharma, the six senses of the six senses, into the self, into the design. The main design directions are: simplicity and nature, loneliness and mystery, transcendence and solitude, the oriental humanity overflows the space, cultivates the master's style, and tastes the "luxury poverty" in the inner structure of the soul. At the same time, the space is left blank to inject oriental aesthetics into the residence. Between the sky and the earth, build a space that is not surprising, not lively, and just quiet.

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