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Hunan homestyle cuisine restaurant

Hunan homestyle cuisine restaurant
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Catering Service

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In the warm light over mottled shadow, the graceful outline is covered with layers of vivid hues granted by the wind and dew ... No matter which majestic ancient castle or the soul of a temple foundation with one corner dilapidated, intangibly all of them are narrating, even singing, the evolution of time is so incredible.
--Lin Huiyin
The beauty of time resides in the inevitable transmigration of spring flower, autumn moon, summer shine and winter snow.
The beauty of time resides in the inevitable subtle traces, fragmentary city, dilapidated wall, cramped house and tumbledown roof.
Looking back on the Republic of China in the past 100 years, it seems not far away. The ruins of that time could be seen everywhere, and we often linger among them. Our parents' complex of the Republic of China is "Shanghai Beach", Xu Wenqiang's white scarf, Feng Chengcheng's braided hair. While our generation's complex of Republic of China is "Moment in Peking", Yao Mulan's elegance, Niu Suyun's arrogance ... Scenes of old-fashioned stories are replayed in our minds, such as cheongsam, old theater, emerald bracelet, gold pocket watch, small flower pattern ceramic tile and colored glass chandelier. It has gone with wind quietly, but it is still winding around our hearts in wisps. Every time I thought of it, I feel somewhat disappointed complied with a little delighted ...
[Tiger Buddy] Hunan homestyle cuisine restaurant is located in a prosperous area of Loudi City in Hunan Province. It has been in business for more than 10 years, establishing a good reputation and a wide range of social contacts in the local area. Through this reconstruction, the founder hopes to reconcile his nostalgic feelings with the spicy and fresh taste of Hunan cuisine, and to reproduce the scenes of the Republic of China market featuring intense fragrant aromas, flute and drum performance, brilliantly illuminated indoors and music playing endless. Making the space as a whole present an atmosphere of elegance without loss of noise and clamor, simple without loss of complex and extravagant, so that diners could experience the consumption impression as if of another world.
In the emphasis of space designing, the designers started with color and looked for the unique tone of the Republic of China era. The space was dressed as if a lady from Republic of China in cheongsam, with lotus's elegance, plum's arrogance, peach's fragrance and lotus flower's virtuous, and is accompanied by nostalgic furniture, lamps and accessories, which are suffused with fascinating flavor.
At the meantime, in order to coordinate the aesthetic tastes and preferences of contemporary people, numerous modern materials and manufacturing methods have been selected in terms of crafts and textures, so that the new and the old, the tradition and the modern could be seamlessly connected.
The designer does not deliberately pursue the novelty of the modelling but adopts a plainer design method as far as possible to reflect the technological quality of the space to the greatest extent, reflect the Republican temperament of the space, and create an elegant and sumptuous dining atmosphere. The diners seem to view from the window, creating a vague, real, simple and rich feeling of experience.
The rapid growth of age is disturbing. Although the hair on the sideburns is gray, he still keeps a young and surging heart. Playing with a gold goblet in hand and listening to the familiar tunes in ears, he remembered the music ever heard when he was young but drunk ...
Project Information:
Project Name: [Tiger Buddy] Hunan Homestyle Cuisine Restaurant
Design Company: Changsha Wukong Architectural Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
Chief Case Design: Yin Jian
Deepening Team: Chen Zhao, Lu Xinghong, Du Hao
Soft Decoration Team: Guan Ye, Li Huimin, Shen Xinteng
Site Area: 1,600 square meters
Main Materials: Wood veneer, basalt, baked painted wallboard, black titanium stainless steel, painted process glass, encaustic tile.
Completion Time:2020
Space Photography: Huang Qi

Design by Yi Jian

Chief Creative Design: Yin Jian
Design Director of Changsha Wukong Architectural Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
Vice President of Hunan Architectural Interior Design Society
About [Wukong Design]
The founder, Mr. Yin Jian, and the core team have been deeply involved in the interior design industry for many years, have accumulated rich professionalism and practical experience, achieved impressive performance and reputation, and won dozens of awards at home and abroad.
The company roots the design concept in the soil of traditional Chinese aesthetics, deeply refines its essence and elements, and uses contemporary design techniques and technology to spare no effort to tell the world a beautiful vision from the East.

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