IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

China Vanke Xuzhou Shanshui Sales Office

China Vanke Xuzhou Shanshui Sales Office
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales


Bamboo is one of the natural creations that stand for nobleness and perseverance in many cultures. In China, it can not only be an ornamental plant that appears in poems, essays and lyrics as a spiritual symbol, but also lower its profile to become one of the common daily necessities in life. In this case, the designer transformed the concept of bamboo into an orderly, flat and smooth wall, set off with bonsai and embellished with green color, so that the beauty of life can be reflected in the interspersed shapes. Apart from the spiritual meaning, this wall is also the epitome of the entire area design-adopting a simple technique and a plain tone to depict the story of the space and people, and the blend of light and shadow.
After experiencing the centrality and straightness of the bamboo, the designer, with a neat twist, designed the next area to be in the ultimate softness. Inspired by the winding and floating silk in the water, the decoration in the sand table area was refined and assembled from glass. Along with the soothing and elegant colors of greige and black, the gentle light of the sand table area is reflected by the glass and embraces the winding wall, simulating the sense of natural light. The floating-like glass silk forms a sharp contrast with the rough ceiling, rendering the whole space unique, elegant and with visual impact.
Compared with the first two areas, the design of the leisure area seems much more approachable. By integrating his own understanding of life into the entire space, the designer allowed the irregular translucent lighting fixtures to sway in the air, and the sound of boiling coffee to play a leisurely and gentle concerto in this area. In the warm sunshine and coffee aroma, the sense of leisure and elegance and the sense of modernness and simplicity are perfectly infused into the atmosphere, allowing visitors to become more relaxed and negotiate more smoothly.
To describe childishness with colors, even the word colorful may still be insufficient to reveal it fully. After crossing the fuzzy gray zone, what comes into view is the space scattered with the elements of toy bricks, slides, and ocean balls. Within this small world, the designer built for children a pure and simple dreamlike paradise with clashing colors.
When night falls, make a pot of green tea or a cup of coffee, and call a couple of friends to sit and chat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. This shows the unique flavor of life in a modern city, and connects people in fate and affection. The sales office, built by Shanghai Puli with painstaking efforts, is standing in a corner of downtown Xuzhou, accompanied by the lights of thousands of houses. As a philosopher said, life is where people are.

Design by Shanghai Puli Architectural Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD

Puli Design is an industry-leading innovation-driven design company of spatial aesthetics founded in 2008 that focuses on providing sales department, model houses, hotel clubs and high-end private residences with one-stop customization services of quality and efficiency. We own a large number of experienced and professional designers who have diverse aesthetics and inclusiveness to enrich works with beauty and creativity, communicate more with clients, provide design schemes efficiently and pursue the best design effect.

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