IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Caramel latte

Caramel latte
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Residential Space


This design plan is a deep tone, minimalist style, light luxury style, and the embellishment color is Hermès orange. The Chinese regard orange as a mascot and think it is a good omen. In phonetic terms, orange is similar to "ji" in sound, and orange is used as a symbol of good fortune. In terms of materials, baking varnish, lenses, stainless steel, stone, leather, linear light bars, etc. are used. In terms of elements, a circle is used. Circle is a morphological symbol of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, symbolizing "consummation" and "fullness". It is a totem admired by the Chinese people who value harmony since ancient times. The shape of the top of the wall uses the composition of points, lines and surfaces to increase the memory point of the space. In terms of the layout design of this 240 square meter space, I increased the living room area. In order to make the ratio of the dining room and the living room more coordinated, I made a circular floor tile shape on the ground to enhance the presence of the enlarged area of the dining room. Deconstruction is used on the walls of the TV wall and the sofa background wall. Since the corridor leading to the master bedroom is too narrow, I have partially demolished the wall and added a decorative space to increase the transparency of the corridor. The master bedroom has increased storage space, and the master bathroom has also added a bathtub to improve the use of the bathroom. Several spaces are mostly echoed by orange and circular shapes in color and shape.

Design by NOGI

In 2007, he graduated from Hebei Normal University Art and Design College with a double bachelor's degree in art design. He has studied at the Politecnico di Milano and Asia University in Taiwan for 14 years.

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