IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Ankang Yinghu TangjiaLianzi farming and reading family project

Ankang Yinghu TangjiaLianzi farming and reading family project
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of B&B Space


Tangjialianzi is located in Yinghu Lake Scenic Area, about one hour ride and 20km apart from southwest of Ankang city, which lay southeast of Shaanxi Province, due Xi'an. Ankang city, known as backyard of Xi’an, is the hinterland of Qinling-Bashan Mountain areas, with Qinling on the north and Bashan on the south. It is a typical representative for animals and plants resources of Chinese north subtropical area and it is also famous for richness of these resources. With opening of Xi’an-Ankang Expressway and Railway being, Ankang is fully integrated into the two-hour economic circle of Xi'an. Being in the scenic area of Yinghu Lake and Qinling-Bashan rivers, visitors marvel at its fantastic natural landscape. Otherwise, located between Jinluo Island (on its left) and Cuiping Island (on its right), Tangjialianzi is a natural tourist village.

Design by Wenjie Yang / Yang Hu

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