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Zhoutang public art space project

Zhoutang public art space project
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Architectural Construction


Zhoutang Public Art Space is located in Zhoutang Village, Yingtan, Jiangxi, similar to a village in a city. The location is very close to the high-speed railway station, and there are two universities nearby. The whole village has a large number of buildings of different time periods, disorderly and disorderly in style. However, based on the historical nature of the entire village and the surrounding natural features, taking into account the nostalgia of a large number of indigenous people, the local government did not adopt a simple principle of demolition and sale of land, but used a lot of force to protect it. The method of transformation allows this area to retain the local area while implanting new visual performance and business content.
Our team’s cooperation method for transforming this project is an integrated operation method of design and construction. The reason for adopting this method depends on the fact that our team’s office on Pingjiang Road, Suzhou is very similar to this project and can more fully reflect the design. Ideas, so that the project can be better presented.
When the relationship between the new building and the surrounding environment is inconsistent, the surrounding environment and internal vision can be coordinated through certain visual occlusion and visual slices. As an old renovation project, the initial building is five residential buildings. The main building materials are red sandstone, which is widely used locally. The texture is loose and easy to weather, but the color is beautiful. The frame is a timber frame. The quality of the timber varies due to cost and capital issues. Certainly historical, and many of them have decayed, so the visual relationship between the five houses and the surrounding new buildings (built from the 1970s to the 1980s) is somewhat inconsistent.
Therefore, we adopted the settlement design technique to transform the five buildings from scattered to settlement, and used the corridor design technique to connect the existing buildings. In addition to equalizing the main body of the building, the corridors also enclose to form a functional courtyard to increase the functional usability.

We first docked this project in October 2020. After listening to the local leaders’ explanation of why the project still existed (it was not demolished as ruins), our team was moved. We felt that they were very interested in this piece of land. Emotions. Under tremendous pressure, this is a renewal and exploration of concepts, perhaps the respect for the land and the aboriginal people. Change their environment and use the power of design to change people's aesthetic and value recognition and extension.
We believe that the relationship between architecture, man and nature requires consideration. In addition to vision, the integration of ventilation, drainage, light, trees, and landscape is more important. Let trees, sunlight, and wind become the props of the scene; the tiles and textured stones on the tail can all contribute to the aesthetics of the vision.
In the process of design and transformation, due to investment constraints, we try our best to achieve the principles of light formability and on-site use of raw materials, and the use of low-cost materials. The main body adopts the steel frame implantation method to strengthen the old building, preset the two sewage drainage system, and the wrapping of the air conditioner outside, so as to make the space as more orderly as possible.

Design by WANGTUO

Senior interior designer
National accomplished senior interior architect
Suzhou Youjian architectural decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd
With a keen sense of global home boutique design trends and life aesthetics, the pursuit of innovation, insight into changes in people's attitudes to life, and let the space shine with a unique artistic light, we are working hard to create a design brand with an international perspective. See you on the right, by your side, we invite you to experience the art of life together, across the eternal beauty...

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