IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

YMY load relief bag

YMY load relief bag
Winner of 2022 GOLD Prize

Design of Cultural & Creative Product


In China, due to overwhelming schoolwork, schoolbags have become burdens for primary and secondary school students aged 6-14. YMY focuses on limb protection for children, attaches importance to integrated factors of muscles and bones and uses new materials combined with human physics to create this spine protection schoolbag. This schoolbag overturned the traditional schoolbag form through its four-dimensional scientific pressure reduction to protect the spinal health of primary and secondary school students.Firstly, this schoolbag, with a T-shaped weight-bearing structure, is designed with four straps to reorganize the center of gravity, so that the backpack position lifts up and children's back muscle groups and shoulders and neck bear more evenly. Secondly, the straps adopt EVA, a cushioning material, to reduce the burden on the shoulders and enhance shoulder comfort. Its two secondary straps adjust the center of gravity to ensure a full fit between the back and the schoolbag, reducing the burden on the spine. Thirdly, its back heat dissipation employs the new technology of TPE high elasticity, a natural cool feeling material neither stuffy nor hot. This bag is internally hollowed for better heat dissipation and its exterior windmill lattice structure significantly improves the overall back support. Fourthly, magic finger rings are cleverly added to the elbow position. Children in walking can adjust the elbow movement through finger rings, naturally open the chest, correct the body posture, and unconsciously get rid of the bad habit of backpacking.


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