IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Tianjin Hanzhangyazhu Sales Center

Tianjin Hanzhangyazhu Sales Center
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales

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Tianjin Hanzhang Yazhu Sales Center is an elegant residential area with the theme of Tianjin's new Chinese style. The Tianjin Jinshi Decoration Design Team draws materials from the literati space and the poetic context, and uses the poetry family as the mirror image of cultural values, so that the contemporary high-knowledge people can integrate nature and art, tradition and modernity in the advanced life process, through design language creates a cultural space saturated with oriental charm, returns to the style of poetry and rituals, and becomes a home of poetry and rituals.
The creative inspiration of this case is inspired by the scroll, and the different opening forms of the scroll reflect the shape of the top of each space, so as to achieve the designer's expression of each space. The atmosphere is free, but there is one main thread that has always been implemented-"Oriental scribes". Under this theme, we deny "concrete thinking" and "re-enactment thinking". What everyone knows is that we don't need "slogans" and "idols", but the expression of "moisturizing things without sound".
So in thinking about the blueprint, the hardcore classics such as the "Four Books, Five Scripture" and " Confucius said and The Book of Songs" were eliminated, and the "Human Words " by Mr. Wang Yangming were used as inspiration integration. In fact, the starting point is very simple. The perception of the overall project is the expression of conflict between "human world" and "words". Build elegant buildings in daily life.
The fashions of the Wei and Jin dynasties and the poems of the late Tang dynasty. Although "talking and metaphysics" is a controversial cultural issue, it must be admitted that the bamboo and stone of the seven sages, and the coral of the king's family are all subtly affecting the culture of the Chinese gentry. Therefore, we use simple sketches to place these contents objectively. As for the stories, they are all in the minds of the viewers.

Reading poetry and books to cultivate sentiment, all the descriptions of artistic conception are actually projections of self-cognition. The reception area of this case is actually a large study room, yes, a study room with a large physical area. But the real focus of the creation is to apply the "big study room" to the "small square inch" through detailed brushstrokes, sitting and forgetting, looking insightful, and not arrogant.
The sales office of Hanzhangyazhu presents a lifestyle that integrates humanities, creativity and art. It is still based on commercial design, but it is also another softer, friendly, and flexible expression of our market values. "Post-indoctrination era" is its motif. We don't want to seriously "educate" with idols through excessive symbols, but find a resonance. This resonance is based on the common cultural identity and the comfortable state of the common era identity, which we call "the aesthetics of goodwill."

Design by Tianjin Jinshi Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Tianjin Jinshi Decoration Design Co., Ltd. is a full-case interior design agency that integrates interior design and soft decoration design. It provides real estate and commercial companies across the country with hotels, offices, commercial spaces, sales centers, model houses and hardcover houses. Professional design services. The company has strict management and clear division of labor. In terms of design, we timely and accurately grasp market trends, absorb novel and advanced design connotations, and provide professional services that exceed customer expectations.

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