IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

The perfect match

The perfect match
Winner of 2023 Innovation Prize

Design of Residential Space


To break the stereotype of a dark and claustrophobic staircase, the staircase in this single house is moved to the sunny side after reorganizing the layout. The skylight enables natural light to flow down through the openwork stairs and flow to every inch of the home. With a clear spatial hierarchy, the public and private spaces allow homeowners to gradually change their moods in different dimensions accompanied by dawn or twilight.
Upon opening the door, the horizontal traffic flow connects the living room, dining room and study room. The open layout brings light from the front and back together. The sliding glass door maintains privacy in the study room while still allowing natural light to enter through. On the TV wall, the delicate dividing lines and curves that wrap structural columns add dynamic layers, while the electric fireplace embedded below adds an extra bit of warmth to the living space. The visual weight is balanced by introducing a marble finish on the bottom edges. On the wall behind the sofa, the gradations of pale black inject a dose of fun and elegance, adding a humanistic touch to the simple frame. For the soft furnishings, a soft beige color palette exudes elegance and tranquility.
Accompanied by wood accents and metal, the kitchen with a black base oozes a bar-like atmosphere. Shelves and hanging lamps throw a soft and diffused glow casually to create a cozy and laid-back atmosphere. On the other hand, the bar stools are made of wood and rattan elements, injecting a sense of rustic charm into the simple silhouette.
In the master bedroom, the soft tones make the environment feel cozy and facilitate relaxation. The triangle ceiling is straight out of a fairy tale, bringing a sense of childishness and playfulness to the space. Located in the light-filled area, the bathroom with a skylight panel offers a tranquil view of the sky. Vintage tiles on the interior walls serve as visual focal points. While bathing, one can appreciate the visual appeal of the space.

Design by Chih Ting, Chen

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