IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

ANTA GUANJUN Glory Polo – Experience Supreme Comfort

ANTA GUANJUN Glory Polo – Experience Supreme Comfort
Winner of 2023 SILVER Prize

Design of Decorations


The ANTA GUANJUN Glory POLO is a premium apparel designed for the elite. It is a perfect blend of fashion, functionality, and comfort. As the representative brand of the Olympic Games, ANTA always upholds the sportsmanship of champions and incorporates it into its apparel design. The brand's relentless pursuit of excellence is similar to that of an Olympic champion's unwavering determination to win a gold medal. This product embodies this extreme pursuit and aims to provide its users with unparalleled quality and comfort, reflecting the deep connection between ANTA and the Olympic spirit. The design team has developed this Polo shirt with anti-wrinkle technology to ensure that users always look presentable. The 3D tailoring and fitting techniques reduce friction. Not only does it enhance comfort and quality, but it also makes the wearing effect look upright and spunky. The nylon cotton-like fabric chosen for the Polo shirt is safe and harmless, providing excellent cooling comfort. It adopts a yarn processing technology that combines the advantages of chinlon and spandex-synthetic and natural fibres. It creates a multi-layer terry structure that is both delicate and breathable. Additionally, the Polo shirt is UV-resistant with UPF 170+ for outdoor activities, providing extra protection for the elite when travelling or other outdoor activities.


Adhering to ANTA national equipment technology, with the sportsmanship of constantly surpassing ourselves, ANTA sub-brand - Anta Champion, is committed to creating more advanced, more professional outdoor products.
Let consumers experience the comfort and quality brought by product upgrades in their daily actions;
In the more demanding outdoor environment, with professional technical support at the competition level.
Whether it is cross-country, skiing or hiking, it can show a brilliant performance that pushes the limits.
Help every person who strives to break through, dare to challenge themselves, never stop, and achieve a higher peak.

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